UNIDO organizes the Country Presentation of Colombia

Rome, March 14th 2012: The country presentation of Colombia, organized by UNIDO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Colombian Embassy in Italy, Confindustria and Unioncamere, was successfully concluded. The objective was to delve into the main potentials of this Latin American country and the various development plans.

Within the presence of H.E. Ambassador of Colombia in Italy, Juan Manuel Prieto, from the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Mr. Sergio Díaz-Granados, and the President of Proexport (agency for investment development in Colombia), Mrs. Maria Claudia Lacouture, the Director of UNIDO ITPO Italy, Mrs. Diana Battaggia, highlighted the efforts that have characterised the Office’s work with the purpose of initiating concrete collaboration with the entrepreneurial network in Colombia and that of Italy.

According to the Unioncamere President, Mr. Ferruccio Dardanello, there exists a necessity to “reinforce the competitiveness of local enterprises, strengthening synergies with the main actors for the support of industrial development, as does UNIDO”. A priority shared by Mr. Luigi Maccotta, Central Director for Latin American Countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who believes that “Colombia is a country that adapts well to Italian industry and offers fertile ground for cooperation”.

His words found resonance within the contribution of H.E. the Colombian Ambassador in Italy, J.M Prieto, who expressed the fully complementary nature that exists between Italian technologies and industrial opportunities offered by this Latin American country. “Colombia – he affirmed – is the most stable democracy in Latin America and is characterised by strong institutional credibility, thanks to a GDP has, for over10 years, demonstrated positive growth”.

Following the Ambassador’s intervention was the presentation held by the Colombian Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Sergio Díaz-Granados, who highlighted how the last 40  years have been defined by a stable growth of foreign direct investments. He explained: “That of Colombia is the 4th largest economy in Latin America and according to The Economist, the most dynamic industry of the entire continent”. Predictions suggest that the commercial activity of the country should see a triplication of trade in the next 10 years, and already today can count 50 bilateral agreements. Minister Díaz-Granados then proceeded to conclude: “Colombia can become a fundamental hub for Italian products”.

For Colombian institutions, the event signified a precious occasion to present the business opportunities offered by the Colombian market to the productive Italian system, focusing attention on the sectors that are particularly promising for the economy of the country, namely agro-food, zoo-technical, furniture and design, textiles and renewable energy. The participating enterprises had the opportunity to relate themselves with the Proexport Colombia representatives, for the purposes of gaining further knowledge on certain aspects of the themes of the presentation.

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