UNIDO supports sustainable development at Bahrain Green Tech-Expo & Forum 2012

Manama, March 15th. UNIDO ITPO Italy, knowing the key role played by technology innovation in achieving sustainable development, presented its activities in favour of the Mediterranean SMEs, within “Bahrain First Technology Exhibition & Forum 2012”, event held in March 12th to 15th 2012.

Renewable energies, water management, waste management and green lifestyle were the four main themes  discussed during the four-day expo. In this event, UNIDO supported the “Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife as a co-organising partner to bring international experts in the environment field to the event and involving about 100 companies that were showcasing their green technologies.

UNIDO's General Director, Dr. Kamdeh Kolleh Yumkella, addressed the importance o this event as it came at the right time since it precedes the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Brazil on June 20-22. The DG further added that "Pollution has no passport and is created anywhere and affects somewhere else, with rapid growth and industrialisation and transportation we created a lot of pollution and the question is how we can develop without causing future problems. Kingdom of Bahrain was positioned to become a regional headquarters for green technologies that would serve Middle East countries and North Africa towards supporting sustainable growth and development”.

The General Director also expressed his hope on the construction of a national centre for clean production involving companies active in water management and pollution reduction. The centre will also support companies to carry out their own environmental auditing within their firms and businesses. “The centre will target four areas, such as water optimisation, industrial energy efficiency, stilling the release of heavy metals, with special attention to persistent organic pollutants (pop) treatment and recycling”, explained Dr Yumkella.

The Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife director-general Dr Adel Khalifa Al Zayani said that “there is a need and willingness from Bahrain for green technologies and to work with the UN on this” and confirmed that the proposal for the cleaner production centre had been acknowledged by authorities and hoped to gain their approval in the near future.