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UNIDO ITPO Italy at Seeds&Chips

UNIDO ITPO Italy took part in the second edition of Seeds & Chips, contributing to several activities and, in particular, organizing and moderating the conference titled “Youth and Tech: answers to food security issues in developing countries” hosted in Milan, on May 12, 2016.

The event gathered representatives from major stakeholders involved in the international development, who analyzed the nexus between innovation, food, youth with regard to developing countries’ challenges, underlining the importance of promoting virtuous synergies and partnerships between private, academic, institutional and financial sectors.

The event was ...More

Talk Show Speaker “Giovani e tecnologie: risposte ai problemi della sicurezza alimentare nei Paesi in via di sviluppo”. Da dx Cristiano Maggipinto del MAECI, Hila Cohen del WFP, Damiano Petruzzella del MEDAB, Tiziana Cattaneo del CREA, Alberto Silvani del CNR, Claudia Sorlini del Comitato Scientifico di EXPO Milano 2015, Andrea Maggiani di Carbon Sink, Elisabetta Castellazzi di AZIMUT, Abeba Tesfaye dell’Associazione Mugnai Etiope, Andrea Carapellese di UNIDO ITPO Italy e, dal podio, Sara Canella di SolWa.
Da sinistra: Andrea Carapellese di UNIDO ITPO Italy, Abeba Tesfaye dell’Associazione Mugnai Etiope e Elisabetta Castellazzi di AZIMUT
Andrea Carapellese in un’intervista a UNIDO ITPO Italy prima della conferenza
Lo speech introduttivo alla conferenza “Giovani e tecnologie: risposte ai problemi della sicurezza alimentare nei Paesi in via di sviluppo”
Rosa Palmeri dell’Università di Catania presenta il suo progetto per la Valorizzazione dei frutti del fico d’India, uno dei vincitori della prima edizione del Premio UNIDO & CNR “Idee Innovative e Tecnologie per l’Agribusiness”
The State Minister presents to the journalists the existing opportunities in Ethiopia
Marco Gualtieri – CEO Seeds and Chips, H.E. Dr. Mebrahtu Meles – State Minister of Industry of Ethiopia , Mr. Matteo Landi – UNIDO Hq

Country Presentation Ethiopia

Rome, May, 13 of 2016 – The Country Presentation Ethiopia was held today at the headquarter of ICE – Agency for the foreign promotion and for the internationalization of the Italian companies, co-organized by UNIDO and ICE.

The initiative, which is part of the support activities that UNIDO is providing to the Ethiopian government, has been featured by the participation of the Industry Minister, HE Mebrahtu Meles, which has described the opportunities offered by the African country in several sectors, such as the agro-industry, the textile and the tanning. ...More

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The Ethiopian State Minister of Industry arrives in ICE premises
Diana Battaggia intervention, Head of UNIDO ITPO Italy
Diana Battaggia intervention, Head of UNIDO ITPO Italy
Matteo Landi intervention, UNIDO Hq
H.E. Mulugeta Alemseged Gessese intervention, Ethiopian Ambassador in Italy
Presentation of the Ethiopian State Minister of Industry, H.E. Mebrahtu Meles
Presentation of the Ethiopian State Minister of Industry, H.E. Mebrahtu Meles
Intervention of the Under Secretary of State, Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Ivan Scalfarotto
H.E. Mebrahtu Meles answers to the questions
Gift exchange between the Under Secretary of State Scalfarotto and the State Minister Mebrahtu, in the presence of Italian Trade Agency CEO, Mr. Roberto Luongo

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UNIDO ITPO Italy supports an Italian entrepreneurial delegation to the Caribbean Country

As follow up of the activities related to Cuba, UNIDO ITPO Italy supported an important Italian entrepreneurial delegation to the Caribbean Country, related mainly to the agro-industry and building sectors. The mission took place in Havana, from the 9th until the 12th May 2016, involving many managers from different top level italian companies and institutions.

The mission has been coordinated with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development; ICE/ITA  and Confimi Industria. Confimi, the Italian Manufactory and Private Firm Confederation, is an association that  represents about 28,000  Italian companies for 410,000 employees, with a turnover of 71 billion Euros. The associated companies are active mainly in the following sectors: agricultural ...More

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