Online - 22nd April 2022

Virtual Study Tour for the Botswana Meat Commission

On 22nd April 2022 UNIDO ITPO Italy organized a virtual study tour dedicated to the Botswana Meat Commission with two leading Italian companies operating in the field of cleantech: Aleo Solar Srl and Entsorga Italia Spa.

As parastatal organization managing most part of the production and export of meat in the country, the Botswana Meat Commission had expressed its particular interest to UNIDO ITPO Italy in the use of new cleantech technologies for energy efficiency and reduction of negative emissions in environmental terms through the use of photovoltaic systems, as well as in the valorization of slaughtering waste with particular reference to waste-to-energy and the production of biogas.

In this framework, Ms. Daniela Morandin, Sales Manager of Aleo Solar, Italian division of one of the largest manufacturers of silicon wafers in the world — explained the main advantages in adopting solar energy panels and requested further technical data so as to evaluate a tailor-made intervention for the three plants of BMC in Botswana. From the waste-to-energy side, Ms. Stefania Miranda, Manager at Ensorga Spa — a leading Italian company that developed a remarkable number of solutions in the fields of both waste management and production of alternative fuels — provided information on the company’s activities and technologies with special focus on waste-to-energy plants. In light of this first introductory meeting, all parts decided to exchange further information and technical data to better understand the main issues and the most appropriate technology to address the needs of BMC. 

This initiative was organized in the framework of the project “Fostering international partnerships between companies and/or institutions operating in the energy and environment sectors” (#FIPEE) funded by the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition and implemented by UNIDO ITPO Italy.