Evaluation Criteria

The proposals considered as admissible will be evaluated by an ad hoc jury.

The jury in charge of the evaluation and selection of the best innovative technologies and ideas will be composed by highly-recognized representatives coming from different backgrounds, including international and developing countries’ institutions, research centers and academia, and business & financial entities.

 All candidates will be informed about the decisions of the jury. The designation of the winning proposals will be expressed in a collegial way, and the judgment will be considered final.

The composition of the jury will be available soon at the dedicated relevant website.

The evaluation of the proposals will be based on the following criteria, to which the maximum percentages indicated below will be associated:

Innovation content of the proposal 40%
Environmental, social and economic long-term sustainability 25%
Scalability and possibility of extension in different geographical contexts 20%
Expected occupational return 10%
Applicants’ financial involvement 5%

The evaluation process, carried out by the jury on the basis of the above-mentioned percentages, will be cumulative and in line with the highest ethical standards.

The absence of participants’ conflict of interest, the  transparency and tracking, certifications obtained from recognized organs, and motivations of merit identified by the jury will be considered as key elements in the evaluation process.

The organizers have the faculty to request additional documents and/or clarifications to complement the candidature, if deemed necessary.