Official name
Political capital Islamabad
Local currency Pakistani Rupee (PKR)
Official languages Urdu

Why Pakistan

Pakistan is considered as a developing country and is one of the Next Eleven, the eleven countries that have a high potential to become the world's largest economies in the 21st century. The economy is considered to be semi-industrialized, with the diversified economies of Karachi and Punjab's urban centres coexisting with less developed areas in other parts of the country. Pakistan is the 70th largest export economy in the world. In 2013, Pakistan exported $28.2B and imported $44.8B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $16.6B.

UNIDO ITPO Italy meets NUTech, the Pakistani National University of Technology
Boosting Women's Research and Innovation in Dairy and Livestock sectors
LUISS Business School: “Youth Communicators for Development - A bridge between Italy and Pakistan”
Dairy and livestock sectors: meeting with CremonaFiere, Unicatt and Embassy of Pakistan in Italy
Innovation in Dairy Products and Emerging Trends in Dairy Sector
Agreement Signing Ceremony between WaterView and Skafs
Agreement Signing Ceremony between Solgreen and SKAFS
PIN - Pakistan Italy Network
Delivering business opportunities between Italy and Pakistan: dairy & livestock sectors
UNIDO ITPO Italy organized a webinar to foster the dairy and livestock sectors in Pakistan
Seminar on Business opportunities in Pakistan
UNIDO ITPO Italy and Ozolea support a Pakistani delegation tour on livestock and dairy sectors
Pakistani delegation supported by UNIDO ITPO Italy at ExpoRivaSchuh
TEXPO 2019
Pakistan Delegation at Lineapelle 2019
UNIDO ITPO Italy met a delegation from Pakistan to explore business opportunities
UNIDO ITPO Italy supported a delegation from Mozambique, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Iran to Ipackima 2018
Visit of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) delegation to UNIDO ITPO Italy
Meeting with a Delegation from the National Management College of Pakistan
Pakistani women fashion designers at "The One Milano"
Pakistani Women Fashion Designers meet the Italian Fashion World
Workshop on Institutionalizing Credit Guarantee in Pakistan
Italian Experts Conducted Training on Olive Sector in Pakistan
Pakistan Country Presentation
Pakistani Footwear Manufacturers at RIVA SCHUH
Training Workshop on how to set up a Footwear, Leather Goods & Component Factory in Pakistan
Pakistan Trade & Investment Forum 2016
Scouting future collaboration opportunities for Pakistan
"Joint UNIDO-SMEDA-Italy Programme" to establish an Investment Promotion Unit in Lahore
UNIDO participated at the pakistan country presentation
UNIDO ITPO Italy partecipated in the "Bridging Trade Conference"
Pakistani Delegation Official Visit and Technical Tour in Italy
Business-to-business (B2B) meetings between Italy and Pakistan
UNIDO leads a scouting mission in Pakistan for investment opportunities
UNIDO ITPO ITALY among the speakers in the Country presentation on Pakistan
Country Presentation Pakistan
UNIDO supports Pakistan's fishery sector