Official name State of Palestine
Political capital East Jerusalem
Local currency Israeli new shekel (ILS), Jordan Dinar (JOD), Egyptian pound (EGP)
Official languages Arabic

Why Palestine

Italian diplomatic relations with Palestine strengthened cooperation thanks to a number of agreements and joint ventures reached by the foreign ministries of both countries, together with industrial and commercial institution. The partnership aims at sustaining industrial and commercial development through promoting economic growth. Furthermore, being an Active Donor of the EU, Italy has as a goal the financial inclusion of marginalized areas of the Palestinian territories together with the promotion of local SMEs providing them of employment possibility. Lastly, the strategic location of Palestine, close to the neighboring MENA countries’ trade routes, encourages foreign capitals flux.

Investment opportunities in Palestine

Palestine is located at the intersection of Europe, Africa and Asia. Positioned in the heart of the Arab world, the Palestinian Territories are close to many of the global trade routes. This is a competitive advantage especially for trade with the Arab world with which there are solid business relationships. The Palestinian economic system can also count on different investment funds of the Gulf countries, above all Dubai. Private sector development is at the heart of the PA's priorities. The Palestinian workforce is qualified and has an extensive network of trade links with neighboring markets.

UNIDO convenes round table on access to finance for women entrepreneurs in the MENA region
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