Official name
Political capital Dodoma
Local currency Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)
Official languages Swahili, English

Why Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the world's poorest economies in terms of per capita income, however, it has achieved high growth based on gold production and tourism. The economy depends on agriculture, which accounts for more than one-quarter of GDP, provides 85% of exports, and employs about 80% of the work force. The World Bank, the IMF, and bilateral donors have provided funds to rehabilitate Tanzania's aging economic infrastructure. Continued donor assistance and solid macroeconomic policies supported a positive growth rate, despite the world recession. In 2008, Tanzania received the world's largest Millennium Challenge Compact grant, worth $698 million. Dar es Salaam used fiscal stimulus and loosened monetary policy to ease the impact of the global recession. GDP growth in 2009-12 was a respectable 6% per year due to high gold prices and increased production

UNIDO and Ipack-Ima Spa working together for the first international East African packaging exhibition
Tanzanian delegate participated in the round table organized in collaboration with Padova Promex
ITPO Italy and the Delegate of the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation met New Energy District
UNIDO ITPO Italy organized a roundtable with African embassies: 'Synergies for the Development of Local Capacities and Entrepreneurship in Africa'
UNIDO ITPO Italy – Ambassadors’ Roundtable