Karen Giffard

Botswana - May 29th - June 17th

Member - Solar Industry Association of Botswana


Country profile

Last 29 May to 17 June 2017 UNIDO ITPO, Italy received  the first delegate from Botswana, Ms. Karen Giffard, Member of Solar Industries Association of Botswana (SIAB)

Ms. Giffard brought with her projects from Botswana in the solar sector as well as needs of the renewable energy private sector such as:

Off grid system solutions (including 300W – 50KW options; Solar thermal commercial and residential water heating; Storage solutions (Lithium Ion or latest technological advances; Concentrated PV & CSP technologies; Pumping including DC pump options and Variable Speed Drive; Solar hybrid options (Thermal and PV combined); Joint venture Pico systems – World Bank (Off-Grid Strategy); Mini-grids – Government of Botswana; 100MW EOI – BPC & Ministry of Minerals, green technology and Energy security; Solar Borehole Pumping; Assembly of Hybrid PV and thermal; Li-ion and Inverter technology supply; Botswana Solar Database; Solar in ‘Eco-Farming; Mokolodi Solar thermal & Borehole installation.

The delegate of Botswana had the opportunity to visit more than 20 companies facilities and interact with the developers of solar technologies in the different parts of the industrial chain of production of the abovementioned sector with an intense agenda that include visiting more than 15 cities in different regions of  the Italian territory.

During the meetings it was possible to present in detail the projects of Botswana in the solar sector as well as the concrete technological needs in the private sector such as:  resistant storage systems for high temperatures, the opportunities for solar-cooling systems for green houses and industrial facilities. In addition, it was presented the Expression of Interest (EOI) of Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) for 100MW power plant located in the abovementioned African Country that closing date was 14 of June 2017 and the EOI Establishment of a Joint Venture with BPC for Hybrid Network and Power Production in up to 20 rural areas in Botswana, closing date last 23rd June 2017.

The main achievements of her visit was to met with the most innovative companies in the Concentrated Solar Power with the use of molted salt and solar cooling with tracking system; Storage Systems with Lithium Ion Technology and Nickel Sodium; Off-grid solutions with small container that easily are deployed particularly in isolated communities; Certification and Testing Laboratory for the solar sector and companies dedicated to develop key solutions in the photovoltaic sector. Thanks to the visit of Mrs. Giffard to Italy most of the companies who were interested in Botswana confirmed their interest to visit the country during the first week of July.