Ms. Malebogo Kote and Mr. Kebaswele Kebaswele

Botswana - November 5th-17th 20

Manager – Investment Promotion; Business Analyst - Botswana Investment and Trade Centre - BITC


Country profile

Rome, 5-17 November  2017- UNIDO ITPO, Italy received  the second delegates from Botswana, Mr. Kebaswele Kebaswele and Mrs. Malebogo Kote representatives of the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC)

Mr. Kebaswele Kebaswele and Mrs. Malebogo  Kote  brought with them projects from Botswana in the solar sector, biogas and environmental sector. We invite you to discover the opportunities in Botswana visiting the following link

With an intense agenda that include more than 67 meetings visiting more than 4 cities in different regions of  the Italian territory , the delegates of Botswana had the opportunity to  participate in the ECOMONDO fair edition 2017 and to be part of two study tours in concentrated solar power and biogas. Also they established relation with their institutional counterparts in Italy  and developed industrial field visits to solar testing laboratories as well as to recycling industrial facilities.

The main achievements of t heir visit was to meet with the most innovative companies in the Concentrated Solar Power with the use of molted salt and sand with solar cooling and tracking system;; Off-grid solutions with hybrid technologies that easily are deployed particularly in isolated communities; Certification and Testing Laboratory for the solar sector and companies dedicated to develop key solutions in the biogas and environmental sector. Thanks to the visit of Mr. Kebaswele Kebaswele and Mrs. Malebogo Kote  to Italy most of the companies who were interested in Botswana confirmed their interest to visit the country during the first months of 2018.