Amir Doudabi Nezhad

Iran - 12th - 24th November

Officer - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA)

In the framework of the project “Support to Iran SMEs through investment promotion and technology transfer in energy and environment” funded by the Italian Ministry of Environment and implemented in the Islamic Republic of Iran, UNIDO ITPO Italy hosted from 12th to 24th November 2017 Mr. Amir Doudabi Nezhad, officer of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA), affiliated to the Iranian Ministry of Energy.

The organization SATBA, based in Tehran, has been created by the merging of the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA) and the Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran (SABA),  that has been officially approved by the Guardian Council on 1st January 2017. The mission of the organization is to promote efficiency and develop clean and renewable energies by setting the right infrastructure in the country, increasing the efficiency and reducing the loss of transmission, distribution and consumption. Furthermore, SATBA has the mandate to set the incentive policies and support the private sector by paving the way for the development of renewable energies at the industrial level. In this context, Mr. Doudabi promoted during his stay in Italy some concrete industrial investment opportunities scouted by his organization in the project’s target sectors, namely energy and environment. Besides, he has been introduced to UNIDO’s activities and methodologies in the framework of the support to public institutions which characterizes UNIDO ITPO Italy’s mandate and the Delegate Programme.

UNIDO ITPO Italy provided the operational support by organizing for the Iranian delegate an agenda of dedicated meetings with potential counterparts, as institutional stakeholders in line with SATBA’s mission and Italian companies interested to invest in the country or willing to receive further information on the legal and regulatory framework for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Iran, implemented by Mr. Doudabi’s organization. In particular, UNIDO ITPO Italy organized a series of dedicated meetings with companies in Rome and Milan, like those with Greenvest, Solar Ventures and the group CSM Rina Consulting; as well as some meetings with specialized agencies as Elettricità Futura, the Italian association of companies operating in the energy sector in Italy and ENEA, the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and  sustainable economic development. In addition, UNIDO ITPO Italy organized in its premises a Round table attended by companies and associations interested in the country, to disseminate information on the investment opportunities scouted in the country. The Round table represented a further opportunity for Mr. Doudabi to disseminate information on the mandate and activities of SATBA as well as on the portfolio of investment opportunities in the energy and environment sector to be promoted.

Through the multiple connections established during his stay in Italy, thanks to the participation in the Delegate Programme, Mr. Doudabi could act as a focal point for the numerous stakeholders met and support their effort to invest in Iran with the objective to establish sustainable partnerships with relevant institutions and  local SMEs.