Kwasi Nkansah Baawuah

Ghana - January-February 201

Officer - Ghana World Trade Center

From January 13th to February 7th 2014, within the framework of the Delegate Program, UNIDO ITPO Italy hosted in Rome Dr. Kwasi Nkansah Baawuah, Investment Promotion Officer of Ghana World Trade Center.

This Organization, based in Accra, aims at promoting trade and international investments in Ghana and stimulating the country’s economic growth, through the creation of ties between global and local companies.

Within the framework of UNIDO ITPO Italy’s Environment and Energy Program, the Ghanaian Delegate had the chance to present a project portfolio concerning several investment opportunities linked with the renewable energy (solar, wind and biomass) and environment (waste and water treatment) sectors and related to his own country. In this context UNIDO ITPO Italy organized 65 bilateral meetings between Mr. Baawuah and several Italian companies active in the renewable energy and environment sectors, as well as various study tours and company visits that involved much of the national territory. The Delegate visited the renewable energy cluster in Padua, some biogas plants in Terni, solar technologies in Massa Martana and, at last, wind and photovoltaic plants in Cerignola. These meetings represented an important opportunity of dialogue with the Italian business community, with the goal to launch a process of communications and lay the foundations for the development of future collaborations and concrete investment opportunities in Ghana.

UNIDO ITPO Italy organized for the Ghanaian Delegate also three Round Tables that were held respectively at the headquarters of Padua Promex, at ITPO office in Rome and at Distretto Produttivo Pugliese delle Energie Rinnovabili e dell’Efficienza Energetica in Bari (Puglia’s Productive District of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency), and were attended by numerous companies and associations. interested in energy and environment fields. The Roundtables represented a further opportunity for Dr. Baawuah to present widely several attractive investment opportunities of his own country. As a result of these activities, great interest  was generated and the involvement of a consistent part of the Italian business community was achieved . UNIDO ITPO Italy trusts that the communications established between Ghana and the Italian excellences of the involved sectors will continue greatly and wishes for future concrete investment projects in the country.