Manar Alaoui Hassani

Morocco - November 2011

Head of Department - Promotion and Cooperation of the Center for Regional Investment of Souss Massa Draa


Country profile

From 6 to 19 November 2011, Mrs. Manar Alaoui Hassani, Head of Department of Promotion and Cooperation of the Center for Regional Investment of Souss Massa Draa, Morocco, participated in the UNIDO ITPO Italy Delegate Programme, with the aim to identify innovative technologies and to promote investment opportunities and projects in the energy and environmental fields.

In the framework of the “Environment and Renewable Energy Programme”, the Moroccan delegate had the opportunity to promote a substantial portfolio of projects focused mainly on treatment and management of water resources and waste, biogas and energy efficiency techniques. UNIDO organized 23 meetings with associations, SMEs, corporations and financial institutions, which represented an opportunity to exchange useful information, to establish important relationships with the Italian business community and to pave the way for future collaborations. During these meetings, assisted by UNIDO’s staff, Mrs Hassani presented Souss Massa Draa investment opportunities, which met a positive response; in particular great attention has been given to fish and agricultural waste for energy, ecotourism projects, infrastructure modernization (especially in relation to dams and ports), energy efficiency of buildings and development of irrigation networks.

During her stay, in addition, Mrs. Alaoui Hassani participated in the capacity building session, entitled “Dealing with the challenge for environment in Africa: waste and wastewater treatment”, in order to convey technological innovations and success cases in the Italian environmental sector, an event which also included the participation of a representative of the Italian Ministry for Environment, experts from research institutions as well as numerous diplomatic representatives, companies and institutions from developing countries.

Moreover, with the support of ITPO Italy, the delegate participated in the international fair ECOMONDO 2011, held in Rimini: the delegate was able to deepen its knowledge on Italian industrial chain in the areas of interest as well as on technological innovations available in Italy and, most of all, to brought Morocco’s investments opportunities to the knowledge of the Italian companies.