Eleuterio Simoes Mabjaia

Mozambique - November 2010

Representative - IPEME - Institution for the promotion of SME’s


Country profile

In November, UNIDO ITPO Italy hosted Mr. Eleuterio Mabjaia, a representative of IPEME (Institution for the promotion of Mozambican SMEs), with the aim of promoting a portfolio of investment projects among Italian Small and Medium Enterprises, associations, and relevant local stakeholders. The presence of Mr Mabjaia represented an occasion for Italian entrepreneurs to have up-to-date information about Mozambican projects as well as investment opportunities in Mozambique. The projects concerned several fields, such as fruit processing, packaging, dairy products, and mineral water. During his stay, Mr. Mabjaia participated in two study tours. The first one concerning fruit processing – with the collaboration of Macfrut –was held in Bologna and Cesena. The second one, regarding milk processing, was organised by three companies operating in the Province of Latina, in Latium region. Further, the Mozambican Delegate had the opportunity to visit several plants and become aware of the latest developments in food processing technology.