Active investments

Repairing the future: delivering sustainable alternative proteins Raised in excess of $130 million capital to date ZAF/002/2011
AmoHive 75 000 US$ POL/001/2011
Establishing a Fruit & Vegetable Dehydration Plant USD 111,430 PAK/007/1906
Expansion of Olive Farm & Production of Olive oil. USD 550 000 PAK/002/1906
Farmcrowdy $1,500,000 NGA/002/2011
Aflazero Euro 9.25 million KEN/003/2011
Agronol agrowaste to produce ethanol for sanitizer $350,000 expected GHA/44/2012
Wasa Mushroom Farm Project 589,142 USD ETH/086/2011
Mobile Solar Pump 1 million EGY/736/2011
ECO food dehydrators 500,000 $ EGY/735/2011
Compounding for Green Tyre Technology IRN/003/1710
Zero Waste subscription based online grocery - EveGrocer $500,000 PHL/023/2011
EvaKuula USD500,000 UGA/168/2011
Waste to Energy Project 18,487,000 USD KEN/004/2105
Installation of variable speed system in baghouse fan and EP fan in raw mill department IRN/011/1710
Upgrading Cyclone 1 IRN/008/1710
Installation of VSD on Fan of electro-filter line 1 and 2. IRN/007/1710
Installation of VSD on Fan electromotor of the Raw Material Mill. IRN/006/1710
The installation of Sonic Cleaning Technology instead of Ball Cleaning in heat exchanger modules. IRN/005/1710
Installation hybrid systems of mini-grids in rural areas 200,000.00 USD ETH/082/2011
Minigrids and Stand-alone-Solar systems 1.150.000 USD ETH/081/2011
Biodiesel and Glycerol production – a waste to energy project geared towards creating employment USD 1,690,400 BOT/022/2108
Carbotect™ – Rapid and reliable water diagnostics US$ 300,000.00 ZAF/001/2011
Dena Tyre Company - Installation of Water Treatment unit IRN/004/1710
Waste Water Treatment from Ice Cream Production IRN/002/1710
Advanced technologies for water treatment systems ETH/083/2011
Cleanico Waste Management Project BOT/020/2102
waste tire recycling company that produce furniture such as: doors, stools, rubber interlocking bricks, rubber granules, coffee tables just to name a few. BOT/002/1709
Establishment of plant for Frozen products of meat USD 353,000 PAK/009/1906
Up gradation of Master Foods Production Unit USD 1,945,545 PAK/003/1906
Establishment of Ice Plant PAK/001/1906
Agroplexi 274,000 NGA/001/2011
CloQ USD 500k BRA/004/2011
Strengthening of a fishery products processing unit 262 140 USD SEN/065/1701
A project for fishery products enhancement and implementation in Senegal 440.000 USD SEN/064/1701
Extension of the LEADER FISH factory 2 000 000 USD MAU/003/1703
The realization of a complex for the valorization of fishery products USD MAU/002/1703
Extension of the fish processing plant Negoce Mauritania 2500.000 USD MAU/001/1702
Construction project of a standardized unit for the fishery products treatment and processing 634 498, 0588 USD GIN/006/1703
Replacement of the freezing and production equipment for fishery products of the company 400 000 USD CIV/014/1702
Portable Epidemiological Isolation Unit. Pneumatic structures of emergency. UAEP US 13,750 per unit produced COL/001/2011
Solar PV Module Manufacturing USD 4 Million PAK/010/1906
Establishing a Solar Date Dehydration unit USD 193,536 PAK/008/1906
Expansion of services and solutions to major cities of Pakistan USD 2,000,000 PAK/006/1906
Inverter & Battery Manufacturing/Assembling in Pakistan USD 2~3 Million PAK/005/1906
Manufacturing, fabrication and services for solar PV projects. USD 810,000 PAK/004/1906
3000kg/Hr Avocado Oil Extraction Oil Plant. USD 1,884,220 KEN/005/2107
Construction of 50 MW wind farm in Zabol, Sistan & Balouchestan Province, Iran IRN/013/1710
Use of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) instead of fossil fuels 2000000 USD IRN/012/1710
Installation of a 50 MW Windpark in KUHIN (Ghazvin) IRN/010/1710
Installation of a 10 MW Windpark in Kahak (Ghazvin) IRN/009/1710
Solar Power plant in an egg producer company IRN/001/1710
Kgalagadi Resources Dev. Co. (Pty) Ltd t/a Solar Power Botswana USD 7.1 million BOT/021/2102
Build, Own, Operate and Transfer a 1 MV Solar PV Plant BOT/015/1710
Solar Borehole pumping solutions BOT/007/1709
Database Platform in Renewable Energy BOT/006/1709
Eco-Farming with Renewable Energy Technologies BOT/005/1709
Integrated Waste Management Solution&Landfill Gas to Electricity in Botswana BOT/004/1709
Promoting Production and Utilisation of Biogas from Agrowaste in South Eastern Botswana BOT/003/1709
Greenhouse Solar Power Installation BOT/001/1709