Active investments

Promotion and value adding for local products 28,171.66 USD SEN/058/1309
Onion seeds production. 65.000 USD SEN/055/1309
Processing of fishery products 168.000 EUR SEN/045/1107
Production of fish meal and manures 48 783,34 EUR SEN/044/1107
Project for the Extension of a poultry farm 198,920.77 EUR (130.483.721 CFA) SEN/043/1106
Exports of fresh and processed mangoes and other tropical fruits and vegetables To be determined PHL/004/1504
Manufacturing of pumps and deep well turbines 575,000 USD PAK/011/1402
Poultry meat and feed processing expansion USD 1,000,000.00 ETH/079/1503
Mango and mango pulp processing plant. USD 15,000,000.00 ETH/077/1503
Pineapple production and export 500,000 USD ETH/076/1503
Horticulture and medicinal plants production (Moringa) USD 500,000.00 ETH/072/1503
Beza Mar Honey production expansion 500,000 USD ETH/061/1503
Honey processing plant extension 400,000 USD ETH/060/1503
Coffee roasting plant expansion USD 3,000,000.00 ETH/020/1503
Ethiopian quality roasted coffee for export markets USD 1,200,000.00 ETH/019/1503
Expand coffee production and export high quality roasted coffee USD 2,150,000.00 ETH/016/1503
Expand quality Ethiopian coffee for export markets. USD 500,000.00 ETH/015/1503
Expand production of high quality coffee beans USD 390,000.00 ETH/014/1503
Chickpeas, sesame and niger seed production USD 5,250,000.00 ETH/011/1503
Production & Export of Organic Spice Oils & Oleoresin USD 2,600,000.00 ETH/010/1503
Sesame seeding and export improvement USD 5,000,000.00 ETH/008/1503
New production of poultry products (meat and eggs). USD 7,000,000.00 ETH/004/1503
Establishment of a soya processing plant USD 3,900,000.00 ETH/001/1503
Development of sea buckthorn production and export opportunities. USD 275.000 ARM/004/1010
Strengthening export potential of AREGA cannery to meet growing export demand. USD 3 mln, USD 2.5 mln of which is considered as a financing/investment. ARM/003/1010
Production and export of fresh fruits and vegetables. 758,843.84 USD SEN/060/1309
Amida USD 69.000 MOZ/038/1606
Coffee farming and processing Year 3 USD 725,000 and Year 5 USD 2,430,000 TZA/28/1311
STÉ Rawen 300m TDN TUN/387/T/16-06
Nopal Bio TUN/383/T/16-06
Spiruline Gatrana TUN/381/T/16-06
Société Nopal Zaafrana 220.000 TND TUN/376/T/16-06
Peanut paste, oil and oil cakes production 275.012 USD SEN/062/1310
Production Unit for personalized biodegradable cups 75,667.65 USD SEN/057/1309
Local products company modernization 119.000 EUR SEN/052/1202
Transformation of local products 232.973,35 EUR SEN/050/1107
Production of fresh tomatoes 30 489,80 EUR SEN/048/1107
Modernization and expansion of a fruit transformation unit. 1.079.030 USD SEN/032/1009
Promoting organic rice for agricultural development in Pangasinan USD 1,443,000 PHL/22/1511
Cassava post-production and marketing services facility project USD 4,391,304 PHL/21/1511
Organic rice farming project and ducks breeding USD 706,522 PHL/20/1511
Supporting agriculture competitivness through efficient post-harvest facilities for Biad V USD 1,202,609 PHL/19/1511
Establishment of a Sugacane Processing Plant Approx. $50M PHL/14/1510
P60M PHL/13/1510
Expansion of production of Mega Fishing Corporation 1,000,000.00 PHL/12/1510
Brooke’s Point Integrated Coconut Hub Project 450,000.00 PHL/11/1510
Production of organic muscovado sugar products USD 2.500.000 PHL/010/1504
Production of tomato paste and sauce USD 50.000 PHL/009/1504
New technologies and equipments in food processing USD 30.106.409 PHL/006/1504
Contract manufacturing/packaging services USD 5.000.000 PHL/003/1504
Development of Agri-Machinery and Food Processing Equipment 878,000.00 USD PHL/002/1411
Development of Transmission System for Combined Rice Harvester, Transplanter, and other Accessories 650,000.00 USD PHL/001/1411
Proclisaboa 11.950.855 USD MOZ/037/1606
Jogo USD 50.000 MOZ/036/1606
Ribaué Agricola USD 50.000 MOZ/035/1606
Winnua USD 1.500.000 MOZ/034/1606
MozOrganicos USD 600.000 MOZ/033/1606
F&J Farming USD 154.105 MOZ/032/1606
Miriku USD 685.000 MOZ/031/1606
Malonda USD 491.877 MOZ/030/1606
Madecaju USD 1.818.672 MOZ/029/1606
Machado USD 3.275.000 MOZ/028/1606
Lagoa Poolela Fisheries MOZ/027/1606
Kuani Forestry USD 4.350.000 MOZ/026/1606
Kuani Maize USD 3.600.000 MOZ/025/1606
Induproc USD 854.392 MOZ/024/1606
Frangos do Norte USD 2.000.000 MOZ/023/1606
Finana USD 73.354 MOZ/022/1606
Econcuna USD 5.250.000 MOZ/021/1606
Dream USD 1.884.300 MOZ/020/1606
Dhocolo USD 1.000.000 MOZ/019/1606
Detta Services USD 750.250 MOZ/018/1606
Pidava USD 87.716 MOZ/017/1606
Agrotrading USD 350.000 MOZ/016/1606
Establishment of a Fruit Processing Plant 100.000,00 USD MOZ/011/1109
Cashew Nuts Processing Plant USD 125.686,00 MOZ/010/1109
Industry of Fruit processing 80.000 USD MOZ/003/1011
Cactus jam production USD 10,000.00 ETH/078/1503
Forest-coffee honey production and distribution expansion USD 50,000.00 ETH/064/1503
Coffee Processing To be determined ETH/031/1206
Innovative packaging system for exporting injera to foreign markets USD 264,705.88 ETH/027/1203
Zebad gesha Ethiopia coffee roasting project To be determined ETH/025/1203
Coffee roasting and grinding USD 1,050,000.00 ETH/017/1503
Expand breakfast cereals and enriched food production USD 10,000,000.00 ETH/006/1503
Production and industrialization of non- ligneous forestal products To be determined CMR/035/1202
Coffee Company Extension and Modernization 5 000 000 EUR CMR/034/1201
Diversification of the production – Citronella products 1 040 998,11 EUR CMR/009/1004
Expand coffee production and export high quality Brazilian coffee USD 5,000,000 BRA003I1605
AL AGHSAN Hydroponic Produce USD 150,000 BHR/006/1309
Aluminium Radiators Manufacturing for Automobiles PAK/024/1405
Rubber auto parts production expansion through R&D and Technical expertise USD 250,000 PAK/017/1402
Manufacturing of different types of gears 1,502,252 USD PAK/013/1402
Manufacturing of Forged Parts and Machined Blanks for Agricultural Tractors, Bikes and Automotive Industries 1.5 Million USD PAK/012/1402
Manufacturing of Forged Parts and Machined Blanks for Agricultural Tractors, Bikes and Automotive Industries 2.5 million USD PAK/010/1402
Technical Expertise and Joint R&D partnership required for a local auto parts and light engineering company USD 9.00 Million PAK/009/1402
Infinity Engineering - Manufacturers & Exporters of Tractor Parts, Agriculture Implements, and Automotive parts USD 467.290 PAK/008/1402
Technical Assistance required to improve quality of Alloy Wheels manufacturing for cars. USD 1.2 Million PAK/006/1402
Quality upgrading for manufacturing CV Boots & Bellows and other rubber parts, mounting, bushing, etc. USD 1.0 Million PAK/005/1402
Manufacturing Engine Valves, Seats & Guides for Domestic & International markets USD 750,000 PAK/003/1402
Quality upgrading for manufacturing oil seal and gaskets To be determined PAK/002/1402
Vehicles Conversion Center to use the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). 76.000 USD MOZ/004/1011
Compounding for Green Tyre Technology IRN/003/1910
Rubber Shoe Soles production To be determined PAK/023/1404
Manufacturing unit for Elastic Max Rubber industry 250,000 USD PAK/015/1402
Enhancing access to Diplong City, Complention of Diplong City seaport and support facilities USD 4,347,826 PHL/15/1511
Limestone & Cement Project 608.333.400 USD MOZ/009/1109
Production of tile cement 400.000 USD GHA/42/1412
Dody Plast 2.000.000 USD EGY/720/1210
Value addition on soap making business produced by local small scale entrepreneurs in Dar es Salaam region for competitive market access 217,000 USD TZA/57/1404
Omega Tunisie 200 000 DT TUN/385/T/16-06
Establishment of a Dairy Production Farm 350.000,00 USD MOZ/008/1109
Production and distribution of milk and beef in the local market USD 1,500,000.00 ETH/031/1503
Expand production and distribution of milk and quality milk products. USD 1,800,000.00 ETH/030/1503
To expand the production and distribution of milk and cheese 53,500 USD ETH/029/1503
Noumidia Marbre 1.040.000 TND TUN/379/T/16-06
Sté le Marbre Brin 2 000 000 € TUN/378/T/16-06
Rakmy Electronics 950.000 TND TUN/386/T/16-06
A leading cable manufacturing company intend to enhance its production capacity US $ 10 Million PAK/027/1406
Solar and Biomass Hybrid Powered Water and Electricity Supply 500,000 USD TZA/59/1503
Ndungu Hydro Power Project 16,289,051 USD TZA/58/1407
Energy efficient water heating for Hotels in Tanzania 5,000,000.00 USD TZA/55/1404
Scaling-Up of Charcoal Briquette Production in Tanzania 450,000 USD TZA/54/1404
OKEY Solar Panels building in Tanzania 150,000 USD TZA/53/1404
Ryangubo Wind power investment 250,000 US$ TZA/52/I/2014-04
Manufacturing of wind turbines 250,000 USD TZA/51/1404
Briquettes and pellets 428,955 USD TZA/50/1404
Capture the light project 2 million USD TZA/48/1404
Lighting the Rural project 500,000 USD TZA/47/1404
Determination of pesticides concentrations in water, sediments and vegetables grown in Iringa and Lushoto, Tanga and Training on good practices applications of pesticides for promotion of starting vegetable plantations 205,500 USD TZA/45/1404
Up-scaling Solar Application in Tanzania through Products Dissemination and Development of Niche Solar PV Solutions (NICHESOLAR) To be determined TZA/44/1404
Biomass Gasification for Heat and Power Decentralized Systems in Tanzania 130,000 USD TZA/43/1404
Amalgamation and densification of Dar es Salaam’s municipal solid waste for a higher calorific value refuse-derived-fuel 250,000 USD TZA/42/1404
Developing reliable energy sources for empowered communities: T'boli mini-hydropower projects USD 3,870,000.00 PHL/18/1511
Banga mini hydro power project: energizing South Cobato USD 5,434,782 PHL/17/1511
Stabilizing power supply in Talikud Island through generated source: integrated renewable energy solutions for Talikud Island USD 217,391 PHL/16/1511
Commercial representation/Partenarship 50.000 EUR MOR/518/1210
Installation of variable speed system in baghouse fan and EP fan in raw mill department IRN/011/1910
Upgrading Cyclone 1 IRN/008/1910
Installation of VSD on Fan of electro-filter line 1 and 2. IRN/007/1910
Installation of VSD on Fan electromotor of the Raw Material Mill. IRN/006/1910
The installation of Sonic Cleaning Technology instead of Ball Cleaning in heat exchanger modules. IRN/005/1910
Photovoltaic Systems for Households 1,000,000 USD GHA/39/1312
Gel fuel production using sugarcane To be determined GHA/35/1312
Generation of 315MW Power through a wind farm on a area 500 Mln USD GHA/34/1312
Biogas from Food waste To be determined GHA/33/1312
Generation of 35MW Power using solar energy USD 20.000.000 GHA/29/1312
Solar Water heater To be determined EGY/732/1204
epTAS-EPECO Total Aqua Solutions Projects 5.000.000 USD EGY/703/1111
BIO.CAM - recovery production unit and an agricultural development project 35 000 000 EUR CMR/070/1411
CAMSOLAR - Assembly unit for photovoltaic panels and solar kits; other electronic gadgets related to renewable energy 20 000 000 EUR- technical evaluation required CMR/069/1411
Nuru Light project 1.652.808 USD CMR/068/1403
Valorisation energètique du biogaz 20.660.104 USD CMR/067/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique d'IDENAO et élecrification de 05 localités 34.181.516 USD CMR/062/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique de BAI et élecrification de 10 localités 29.787.072 USD CMR/061/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique de DJAMTARI et élecrification de 07 localités 33.456.300 USD CMR/060/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique de MESSOK 4.626.761 USD CMR/059/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique de MVENGUE 5.661.274 USD CMR/058/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique de NGAMBE TIKAR et élecrification de 04 localités 7.376.158 USD CMR/057/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique de OLAMZE et élecrification de 10 localités 5.725.679 USD CMR/056/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique de MBANGBERE et élecrification de 08 localités 14.383.860 USD CMR/055/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique de MAYO-DJINGA et élecrification de 08 localités 35.258.600 USD CMR/054/1403
Aménagement hydroélectrique de DEUK NGORO et électrification de 03 localités 5.768.990 USD CMR/053/1403
Parabolic trough concentrated solar thermal power station 10.307.600 USD ARM/014/1205
Geomatics Engineering 184.000 MDT TUN/382/T/16-06
Solid & Liquid waste management machinery PAK/025/L/1405
Sustainable Health Care Waste Management in Tanzania 3,000,000.00 USD TZA/56/1404
Laboratory scale of an on-site waste water treatment systems for enhanced public health within the City of Dar es Salaam 300,000 USD TZA/46/1404
Solar power system in Tanzania 100.000 USD TZA/26/1310
Expansion of a collect and recycling unit in the Thiès region To be determined SEN/030/1009
Solid Waste Treatment Facility USD 3,144,266 PAK/031/1408
Leachate treatment 1.000.000 USD MOR/517/1210
Water treatment and recycling To be determined MOR/427/1010
Dena Tyre Company - Installation of Water Treatment unit IRN/004/1910
Waste Water Treatment from Ice Cream Production IRN/002/1910
Recycling project for organic and plastic waste 100.000 USD GHA/40/1312
Industrial rice waste management 1.500.000 USD EGY/723/1210
Medical Waste Treatment 2.000.000 USD EGY/722/1210
Recycling of old and defected tyres USD 4.750.000,00 EGY/691/1111
Tyres recycling project 800.000,00 USD EGY/690/1111
Construction d'un centre de tri et d'usine de recyclage des dèchèts plastiques 1.896.298 USD CMR/065/1403
Collecte et récupération des déchets plastiques et batteries usagées 21.069 USD CMR/063/1403
Plastic and paper recycling 308.679 USD CMR/050/1311
Complete treatment of electric and electronic waste (DEEE) 600 000 EUR CMR/049/1311
Tyre Recyling Plant BOT/016/1710
Waste to energy power/ electricity production BOT/013/1710
Gaborone Transfer Station & Recycling Centre BOT/012/1710
waste tire recycling company that produce furniture such as: doors, stools, rubber interlocking bricks, rubber granules, coffee tables just to name a few. BOT/002/1709
Industrial unit for manufacturing of agricultural machinery 357.152,85 EUR SEN/046/1107
Manufacturing of Cabin Parts, Rear View Mirrors, Sun Visors for Agricultural Tractors 573.436 USD PAK/007/1402
Strengthening of a fishery products processing unit 262 140 USD SEN/065/1701
A project for fishery products enhancement and implementation in Senegal 440.000 USD SEN/064/1701
Establishment of an industrial unit for fishery products processing and exporting 1 375 268,79 USD SEN/063/1609
Extension of the LEADER FISH factory 2 000 000 USD MAU/003/1703
The realization of a complex for the valorization of fishery products USD MAU/002/1703
Extension of the fish processing plant Negoce Mauritania 2500.000 USD MAU/001/1702
Construction project of a standardized unit for the fishery products treatment and processing 634 498, 0588 USD GIN/006/1703
Improving the cold chain to encourage the fishery products trade at international level 10653655 GIN/004/1611
The construction of a modern smoking plant for the fish products 33 087 USD GIN/003/1611
Construction of a modern plant for the fishery products processing and smoking, intended for export and local consumption 861 675.55 USD GIN/002/1611
Construction and operation of a fish treatment plant 2 200 000.00 USD GIN/001/1611
Revitalization of artisanal fishing in San Pedro port 520 000 USD CIV/016/1703
Expanding the access to the European market of these products: canned tuna and tuna loins CIV/015/1702
Replacement of the freezing and production equipment for fishery products of the company 400 000 USD CIV/014/1702
To modernize the storage plants of fishery products USD CIV/013/1609
The modernization of the smoked fish production unit 17230,79 USD CIV/012/1609
Fishery products treatment, processing, and trade 1 560 000 USD CIV/011/1609
Export of smoked and attiéké fish to Europe 40 000 USD CIV/010/1609
Upgrading quality and design standards for furniture production company To be determined VNM/019/1110
Upgrading marketing and management skills for furniture company in Vietnam To be determined VNM/018/1110
Production cooperation and upgrading for furniture manufacturer in Vietnam To be determined VNM/016/1110
Market expansion and partner search for wooden floor producer Vietnam To be determined VNM/015/1110
Upgrading and enlarging distribution channels of Trading and Service Joint Stock Company in Vietnam To be determined VNM/014/1110
Quality upgrading in furniture production for export markets To be determined VNM/013/1110
Vietnam furniture manufacturer upgrading To be determined VNM/013/1110
Leather processing wet-blue USD 1Million UGA/166/1009
Hide and skin processing industry in Singida, Tanzania 3,666,700 USD TZA/29/1311
Expansion of a shoes and leather goods factory 83 841,46 EUR SEN/047/1107
Developing and exporting Ethiopian traditional handicrafts To be determined ETH/028/1203
Newest Technology Test 280.000 TND TUN/380/T/16-06
Expanding the manufacturing capabilities of precious stones jewelry To be determined PAK/001/1311
Medpyc S.A 600.000 € TUN/384/T/16-06
Production and sale of ice flakes. 329,506.26 USD SEN/053/1203
A leading manufacturer of Medical Instruments and Hobby Tools is looking for a foreign JV investment partner into the company. To be determined PAK/022/1403
Manufacturer and Exporter of Dental implants instruments kit USD 100.000 PAK/018/1403
Awami Laboratories - Producer of herbal Medicine seeking market access USD 500,000 PAK/021/1402
Expansion and modernization of the Group Nabini 838,056.37 USD SEN/059/1309
Improve flexible packaging To be determined PHL/005/1504
Manufacturing of PET preforms 500.000 USD MOZ/007/1011
Accusation of new Packing and Sorting Technology 1,000,000 USD JOR/374/1309
Manufacturing of innovative products using smart-materials, embedded composites and Nano Technology. 5-10 million USD PAK/014/1402
Construction of 50 MW wind farm in Zabol, Sistan & Balouchestan Province, Iran IRN/013/1910
Use of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) instead of fossil fuels 2000000 USD IRN/012/1910
Installation of a 50 MW Windpark in KUHIN (Ghazvin) IRN/010/1910
Installation of a 10 MW Windpark in Kahak (Ghazvin) IRN/009/1910
Solar Power plant in an egg producer company IRN/001/1910
Off-Grid Solar Action Plan BOT/018/1710
Project Empower BOT/017/1710
Build, Own, Operate and Transfer a 1 MV Solar PV Plant BOT/015/1710
Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) for the installation in Serowe at Sekgoma Memorial Hospital BOT/014/1709
Installation solar streetlights in Gaborone BOT/011/1710
Life Support Container BOT/010/1710
Production of Hydrocarbon Fuels and renewable carbon materials from Solid Waste BOT/009/1710
Solar Borehole pumping solutions BOT/007/1709
Database Platform in Renewable Energy BOT/006/1709
Eco-Farming with Renewable Energy Technologies BOT/005/1709
Integrated Waste Management Solution&Landfill Gas to Electricity in Botswana BOT/004/1709
Promoting Production and Utilisation of Biogas from Agrowaste in South Eastern Botswana BOT/003/1709
Greenhouse Solar Power Installation BOT/001/1709
Natural fibers composites manufacturing To be determined BGD/001/1205
Diversification of trading activities USD 1,200,000.00 ETH/030/1204
Garments manufacturing expansion 500,000 US$ PAK/004/L/1402
Garments manufacturing expansion 500,000 USD PAK/004/1402
Joint Venture and equipment purchase for the production of cashmere garments 900,000 USD MNG/010/0905
extension of garment factory from CMP to FOB Business 160.000 $ MMR/6/1510
Extension of business model from CMP to FOB 1,000,000 MMR/5/1510
Extension of textile company from CMP to FOB Business MMR/4/1510
Improvement of capacity and quality of the garment factory MMR/3/1510
Extension of textile company from CMP to FOB Business MMR/2/1510
Botswana Ecotourism Certification BOT/008/1710
HIVE Food & Herbs Products USD 65,000 BHR/008/1309
Salad Boutique Expansion/New Salad Packaging and New Organic Menu To be determined BHR/007/1309
Sotulin SA 6.200.000 TND TUN/377/T/16-06
Establishment of an industrial carpentry 2 600 000 EUR GAB/002/1008