UNIDO ITPO Italy met a delegation from Pakistan to explore business opportunities

Pakistan Embassy in Rome - 03-04 September 2018

UNIDO ITPO Italy met a delegation from Pakistan to explore business opportunities

3-4 September 2018. UNIDO ITPO Italy organized, in collaboration with the Embassy of Pakistan in Rome, two-days of meetings with an entrepreneurial delegation from Pakistan looking for suitable industrial partners and technology suppliers in Food & Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Information Technologies, and Logistics sectors.

On the first day, ITPO Italy intervened as speaker in the panel “Doing business in Pakistan” within a multisectoral seminar held at the Pakistan Embassy. Several Italian enterprises participated to the initiative with the aim to acquire knowledge about Pakistani economy, opportunities and policies concerning investment as well as to meet and to set the basis for potential commercial relations with the delegation.

On 4th September, UNIDO ITPO Italy hosted the Pakistani delegation in its premises, presenting its mandate and dedicated activities with a particular focus on the collaboration with the Asian CountryIndeed, UNIDO ITPO Italy has long been committed to Pakistan as demonstrated by more than 60 company visits conducted in the Country, 35 industrial and business proposals formulated, more than 10 awareness-raising presentations held in Italy, as well as the several activities for woman empowerment. Furthermore, ITPO Italy is supporting the participation of Italian entrepreneurs to the Pakistan Trade Show, the event will be held in Lahore from 18-20 October 2018 with the objective to build B2B relationships and enhance trade between the two participating nations.

The strong and large consumer market, the strategic position at the centre of Asia crossroads, and the liberal investment policies are just some of the reasons that make Pakistan an interesting potential partner for business. UNIDO ITPO Italy will continue his commitment to identify and evaluate specific networking opportunities, economic collaboration as well as paving the way for future partnerships and joint ventures between Italian and Pakistan companies.