Italy - Africa Business Week: UNIDO ITPO Italy sides with sustainable energy manufacturers

Rome, Italy - 18th October 2018

Italy - Africa Business Week: UNIDO ITPO Italy sides with sustainable energy manufacturers

Rome, 18 October 2018 – For the second year in a row UNIDO ITPO Italy was invited to the conference “The access to energy facilitates a sustainable development”, organized in the framework of Italy – Africa Business Week. The invite came after the recognition of the strategic role played by our organization in strengthening economic relations between Italian companies and their African counterparts. Moreover, UNIDO ITPO Italy expertise on the energy access and its involvement as implementing agency of the Italian Minister of Environment on the issues of adaptation and mitigation on the effects of the climate change a on the grants CoP 21 – Paris Agreement represented the framework of our office.

UNIDO ITPO Italy speech focused especially on energy as a fundamental right in allowing the implementation of other rights as food conservation for food security, cold chain for food hygiene, the disposal of medicines and medical center services for health, the availability of power and access to the Internet for education.

The speech did not only debate these issues. Indeed, we pointed out that sustainable energy is a cross-cutting issue for the implementation of almost all the SDGs and it is has a significant role in the strategies of  the African countries especially in the big challenge posed by the internal zones. A divided network, the absence of big infrastructure, a weak framework inappropriate guaranties for big investments are big challenges that open great opportunities for the independent manufacturers of  IPP Energy, especially mini-grid.

During the roundtable, UNIDO ITPO Italy presented its double role on either the promotion of renewable energies projects in Africa and actions taken as implementing agency for the Italian Ministry of Environment. The objective of the conference was the presentation of the best practices implemented by companies, intergovernmental and civil society actors on the promotion of the use of renewable energy in Africa. The event underlined that these aspects are essential for a real development in the African continent.  


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