UNIDO ITPO Italy at SMAU 2018: innovation is the way for a sustainable development

Milan, Italy - 24th October 2018

UNIDO ITPO Italy at SMAU 2018: innovation is the way for a sustainable development

Milan,24 October 2018 – There is a UN office, intergovernmental and generally perceived far from the micro – economic approach, that directly interacts with the innovative SMEs to give value to best practices and technological know–how in the developing countries, behaving as a facilitator to create win-win cooperation. These roles, played by UNIDO ITPO Italy, were presented during a round table at SMAU 2018.  

The aim of the panel was to present experiences related to tradition and innovation, advanced technologies linked to nature and environment, protection of the brand and quality. All these actions were implemented by our office together with Italian enterprises, startups, research centers and international organizations. In this framework, UNIDO ITPO Italy’s task is to bring together sectors that are not or barely connected enhancing their opportunities to grow.

The Milanese event dealt with different issues, among which we can  include the most recent innovations on safety food and food security generally little promoted by the countries of origin. These two themes were proposed by startups and Italian and foreigners centers. Moreover, we discussed the need to build business models that transform a challenge in an opportunity. This was the case of biological farms realized with innovative methods in areas that have never used fertilizers or have never assisted farmers in choosing technological innovation for agriculture.   


At the end, the event focused on our international award for the innovative startups in the agricultural sector at greater length. Here, you can find all the details:  http://www.unido.it/award2017



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