Maker Faire Rome

Rome, Italy - October 14th 2018

Maker Faire Rome

Rome, 14 October 2018 - During The Maker Faire 2018 UNIDO ITPO Italy, has been called for a speech titled "Challenges and solutions in the nexus Food Innovation and Climate Change in developing countries". 

The analisys begins from the relationship between causes and effects: agriculture and food systems are partly responsible for climate change, but they are also both part of the solution. We cannot address food security and nutrition without simultaneously addressing climate change, the health of the oceans, land degradation, social inclusion, education, and gender equality. Appropriate actions in agriculture, forestry and fisheries can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and promote climate adaptation. No other sector is more sensitive to climate change than agriculture, yet no other sector holds as much potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The risk that we all are called to face is very challenging. Rural poors are the first victims and the risk of hunger and poverty is very high, especially in Africa and Southeast Asia. Between 2005 and 2015, 26 percent of the total damage and loss caused by climate-related disasters in developing countries was in agriculture. Moreover, in developing countries up to 83 percent of the overall economic impact of drought, which climate change is expected to intensify, falls on agriculture. The degradation of the world’s soils has released about 78 billion tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. Currently, one-third of all food produced is lost or wasted. Global food loss and waste generate about 8 percent of total annual GHG emissions.

There is not a global solution, no sort of miracle can be made by goverments, international organizations, NGO or companies, but we can approach the problem in a resilient way and work all together for a real sustainable development. We can do our contribution in supporting engagement and investments of private-sector and small-scale forest and farm producers in climate friendly innovative agricultural activities, fostering innovation in food industry and agriculture practices, and respecting traditional uses and biodiversity promoting climate change resilient technologies.

This is only part of a more complex strategy, but it's our part and we are all committed to get this target. This is also why we launched an International Award dedicated to innovative ideas and technologies in agribusiness. Last edition had been in 2017, the next will be in 2019: Stay tuned!