Round Table with ASS.I.WA.MA members

Rome, Italy - March 26, 2019

Round Table with ASS.I.WA.MA members

Rome - March 26th, 2019. UNIDO ITPO Italy organized a round table with the International Association of Waste Manager (ASS.I.Wa.Ma), and several Italian companies operating in waste, energy and water sectors, who introduced their activities. 

The meeting was organized in the framework of UNIDO ITPO Italy project for MENA countries, "Fostering international partnerships between companies from MENA countries and Italian stakeholders operating in energy and sustainable development", which is funded by the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea

The participants had the opportunity to propose their innovative ideas focused on waste management, circular economy and recycling sectors. From the project of portable solar water generator to the one focused on the recycling urban waste, all the programmes aim to achieve a sustainable and effective management of waste. 

The round table turned out critical to identify a common objectives and to pave the way for a cooperation framework with the Italian companies, who have been invited to join the upcomings activities that UNIDO ITPO Italy will carry on in the waste sector.