UNIDO ITPO Italy at Packfair 2019 and IV WEIC in Cuba

Havana, Cuba - April 8-12, 2019

UNIDO ITPO Italy at Packfair 2019 and IV WEIC in Cuba

Havana, April 24th 2019 - From 8 to 12 April UNIDO ITPO Italy carried out a mission to participate in several events in Havana, with the aim of enhancing the cooperation between Italian and Cuban enterprises as well as of promoting new projects to be implemented in the country.

On 9 April, UNIDO ITPO took part in the PacGraf Cuba 2019, the leading exhibition in Cuba for the packaging sector, attended by relevant institutions and foreign exhibitors. Within the fair, UNIDO ITPO organized the conference "The Italian packaging industry - Benefits for Cuba", in collaboration with the local office of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and the Italian company Cavanna S.p.a., providing an overview on the sector in Italy and on the technologies developed by Italian companies.

From 10 to 12 April, the UNIDO ITPO Italy’s mission in Havana continued to the IV International Workshop of Women Entrepreneurs in Cuba (WEIC), organized by the Italian Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AIDDA), Solymed Events, part of Grupo Empresarial PALCO, with the collaboration of UNIDO ITPO Italy.    
The workshop was an in-depth international forum on health, well-being, and new technologies applied to the health sector. In this framework UNIDO ITPO Italy presented in detail the projects currently implemented for Cuba, with the support of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region (FVG) of Italy. In particular, UNIDO ITPO exposed the project focused on the promotion of investment opportunities in the smart health and maritime sectors of Cuba.
UNIDO ITPO Italy closed its WEIC’s intervention presenting the new project “Heritage4Cuba ”, aimed at supporting the renovation of historic buildings in Havana in collaboration with the Oficina del Historador de La Habana.

Last, confirming its commitment to supporting Italian-Cuban relations and promoting the development of Cuba, UNIDO ITPO Italy met representatives of relevant institutions and organizations such as Ministerio de Industrias,Ministerio de Energia y Minas and Instituto de Investigaciones para la Industria Alimenticia, and discussed in details forthcoming projects to be implemented to support Cuban entities and SMEs through promotion of investment opportunities and capacity building activities

The comprehensive mission in Cuba has led to strengthen the collaboration with Cuban stakeholders, in the perspective to further develop the  Cuban-Italian relationship and contribute in the sustainable industrial development of Cuba.

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