UNIDO ITPO Italy as keynote speaker at MozGrow2019

Maputo, Mozambique - July, 24-25th 2019

UNIDO ITPO Italy as keynote speaker at MozGrow2019

Maputo, July 25th - “Strategies to increase competitiveness in Mozambique” is the title of the opening panel where UNIDO ITPO Italy took part as keynote speaker during MozGrow 2019, held in Maputo on 24-25 July, 2019.

MozGrow is the most important Mozambican fair in the agribusiness sector, attended by more than 2000 participants including local decision-makers, financial institutions, international organizations, smallholder farmers, startuppers and multinational companies operating in the field. The event aimed to share and raise awareness concerning agribusiness opportunities in Mozambique through workshops, roundtables and exhibition booths.

In this framework, UNIDO ITPO Italy, which carried out a targeted project in the country in the recent years, delivered a presentation emphasizing the necessity of turning challenges into opportunities, riding the new paradigm of sustainability, developing inclusive models of financial access, inspiring a new narrative about Mozambique.

In view of this, the commitment of UNIDO ITPO Italy over the next years will be addressed to catalyze investments in agribusiness and to create sound conditions for the involvement of Italian companies in sustainable business activities of local agroindustry field, in order to make Mozambique an innovative hub for the agricultural and food domain.