UNIDO ITPO Italy organized an Italian study tour for Cuba delegation

Rome, Italy - 15-20th September 2019

UNIDO ITPO Italy organized an Italian study tour for Cuba delegation

September 20th - In the framework of the project between UNIDO and the Cuban Government, UNIDO ITPO Italy supported an incoming institutional delegation from Cuba, during a 5 day study tour aimed at assess the experience of Italy in the management of the value chain of Leather-Footwear-Saddler.

The main objective of the mission was to provide the participants with the opportunity to identify public policies and strategy for the development of this industry, and increase in competitiveness and competition in the chain worldwide.

The agenda of the study tour has been full of institutional meetings in Rome, as well as company visits around Marche Region.
In particular, on 16th September the delegation had a meeting with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, in order to gain knowledge about the development of the leather, footwear and saddler industry, existing technologies, productive inputs and process control techniques in each of the lines. Leather Research Institute and UNIC, the most important world association of tannery industrialists, jointed the meeting with the aim of showing their strategies to improve international competitiveness.

On the same day, the delegation participated to a dedicated meeting for regulatory legal framework, held in the premises of Pavia & Ansaldo Law Firm.

On 17th September, the delegation had a meeting with CNA Nazionale – Federmoda, followed by a roundtable at the ITPO Italy premises.

The following days, the delegation was in Marche Region to visit several companies with the aim to learn about good practices for the development and design of footwear and saddlery that allow to comply with international standards and quality certifications.       
It is worth mentioning: Galizio Torresi, Mastri Pellettieri, Lauro Design, 3 AND Factory and Macsenior.

Thanks to the multiple meetings and visits organized by UNIDO ITPO Italy to facilitate the interaction between Italian and Cuban stakeholders, the study tour mission has turned out fruitful to enhance the knowledge of Cuban delegates in the footwear and leather sectors and to pave the way to potential partnerships.