The artisan skills of Pakistan meet with the Italian design at the Milan Fashion Week

Milan, Italy - September 21st, 2019

The artisan skills of Pakistan meet with the Italian design at the Milan Fashion Week

Milan, September 21st - For the first time ever, a Pakistani themed collection was showcased at Milan Fashion Week. In a show of extraordinary human cooperation, the embroidered garments from the Pakistani artisan have then been assembled by Italian artisan for the Stella Jean Fashion Show, which was held at Palazzo Reale in Milan on September 21st 2019.

Since 2013, thanks to the financial support of the Italian Cooperation, UNIDO ITPO Italy was implementing the Joint UNIDO-SMEDA Italy Programme with the aim to increase the number of industrial projects carried out in Pakistan through business-oriented cooperation with foreign partners, in a wide range of sectors: from agro-industry (including food processing; leather and footwear, fashion/textile and garments) to green industry.

As the milestone of this cooperation project, UNIDO ITPO Italy and the Government of Pakistan supported the missions of Stella Jean, a leading Italian designer, to the country. Stella was impressed by the local truck art and the design elements and the embroidery style from the women of the rural mountainous areas of Chitral, Kalash and Hunza and incorporated their craft in her Spring/Summer 2020 collection, that was successfully showcased last Saturday at the Milan Fashion Week at the presence of the Secretary of Commerce of Pakistan, Mr. Sukhera, who was specially invited by UNIDO ITPO Italy for such occasion.

The women artisans of the Chitral Women's Handicrafts Center made the decision to share and combine Italian design with their century-old traditions, and have hand-embroidered over 400 meters of typical floral motifs in chain stitch for the Stella Jean. The collection represents a virtual Laboratory of Nations, that has joined the traditional artisanal skills of Pakistan with that of Italy, and created a connection of women who are thousands of miles apart but have one common goal; to help preserve traditional methods and cultural heritage.

Renowned fashion and lifestyle magazines highlight Stella Jean’s Spring 2020 collection and her efforts to internationally raise awareness about Pakistan and the Kalash people, culture and traditions and also to provide the community with income.

In this framework, UNIDO ITPO Italy with the Embassy of Pakistan in Rome organized an awareness raising seminar to provide a detailed picture about the Pakistani economy and present the business opportunities identified in the country.