UNIDO ITPO Italy hosts a Colombia Delegation from Chocó Region

Rome, Italy - December 4th, 2019

UNIDO ITPO Italy hosts a Colombia Delegation from Chocó Region

December 4th, 2019 - UNIDO ITPO Italy in collaboration with ABCNet organized a meeting with a Colombian Delegation from Chocó Region, the Future Food Institute (FFI) and Italian and Colombian companies, on December 4th 2019. The objective of the meeting was to discuss with Colombian institutions and entrepreneurs about new technologies and innovative projects for sustainable and inclusive development of the region.

 After the UNIDO ITPO Italy’s welcome speech, the Rector of the Technological University of Chocho and the Mayors of Quibdo, Atrato, Tado, Certegui, Bajo Baudo, Bagado, Lloro, presented the socio-economic background of the region, opening to an interesting debate on the region’s challenges. Also, the Colombian enterprises, including Caderona, Asocasfea, La Chocoanita, Gente de Ambiente, presented their sustainable products/service, from alternative tourism to colorful jewelleries.          

The Rector of Technological University of Choco, David Emilio Mosquera Valencia, along with institutional representatives, illustrated Choco Innova initiative, aimed at improving entrepreneurial business skills for the development of Chocó especially in agroindustry, tourism, forestry and fishery sectors.

In the afternoon session the Future Food Institute – the Italian non-profit organization and partner of UNIDO ITPO Italy - took the floor presenting to the Colombian Delegation their pillars (innovation, education and community building) and activities in the agrifood sector, stressing the pivotal role of foodtech industry, especially in the Least Developing Countries like Colombia.    
Among the Italian companies joining the table, it’s worth mentioning Self Globe and Elaisian, respectively committed with the development of agricultural worldwide projects and with ICT systems for agriculture.  

The meeting revealed to be a strategic opportunity to create a new framework of cooperation between Italian companies and Chocó region ones, and to facilitate an interaction with the stakeholders involved in sustainability projects for entrepreneurial development of the region.