UNIDO ITPO Italy intervened in a webinar to boost the Colombia coffee sector

Online, Pereira - May 28th, 2020

UNIDO ITPO Italy intervened in a webinar to boost the Colombia coffee sector

Pereira, 28 May 2020 Organized by the Secretariat for Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Government of Risaralda and the Chamber of Commerce of Pereira in collaboration with Italian Associazione Caffé Trieste, ABCnet Italia and UNIDO ITPO Italy, the webinar “Lockdown, Comercio, Tecnología, y nuevos Instrumentos financieros en la industria del café” took place on 28 May in order to discuss how to boost the Colombian coffee industry after the impact of COVID-19 on the regional economy.

Located within the greater area known as “Eje cafetero”, the Colombian region of Risaralda relies and thrives on the agro-food sector and its world-class coffee for industrial and economic development. Owing to the repercussions of COVID-19 on the local production and supply chain, 500.000 Colombian families operating in the business are now at risk of facing hunger, poverty and food safety issues.

Subdivided into six panel sessions, the webinar saw the participation of several international stakeholders, among which business operators and producers, import-export managers, associations and institutional representatives – including members of UNIDO ITPO Italy as speaker – providing an overview of the current regional situation in terms of consumption, commercial activities, technologies and financial models, with the aim of advancing innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable development within the sector.

The opening remarks also featured an intervention by Head of UNIDO ITPO Italy Ms. Diana Battaggia: “To ensure and increase industrial production within key sectors for local development – such as coffee – it is necessary to mobilize investments, technologies and knowledge exchange, as well as to improve expertise and the efficiency level of Colombian industry. This represents an opportunity for Italy and Colombia to continue working together”.

By facilitating know-how exchange and institutional partnerships, the webinar succeeded in its effort to promote new opportunities and best practices for the Colombian coffee sector and the local industrial development after the dramatic economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.