Diana Battaggia promoted UNIDO ITPO Italy’s project to Pakistan at the Sustainable Innovation Fashion Week

- 14th September 2020

Diana Battaggia promoted UNIDO ITPO Italy’s project to Pakistan at the Sustainable Innovation Fashion Week

Rome, 15 September 2020UNIDO ITPO Italy Head, Ms. Diana Battaggia participated as speaker in the workshop session of the Sustainable Innovation Fashion Week, held in Rome on 14 September, to highlight the several activities carried out and supported by the Office in the field of inclusive and sustainable fashion – with a special focus on the project dedicated to Pakistan.

Organized by the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society and promoted by its president Ms. Valeria Mangani, the Sustainable Innovation Fashion Week represented a pioneer event for the Italian fashion industry, promoting a disruptive concept of innovative fashion in terms of eco-friendly materials, state-of-the-art technologies, responsible production models and social inclusiveness according to the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Sustainability has many aspects: one of them is to discover, acknowledge, include and empower talents from distant countries all over the world and provide them with the opportunity to access the system”, commented Diana Battaggia during her intervention. Ms. Battaggia illustrated in particular the project implemented to boost the Pakistani fashion and textile sectors for inclusive and sustainable local development: in 2019, UNIDO ITPO Italy in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan supported the mission of Italian designer Ms. Stella Jean, who was impressed by the truck art and embroidery style of the Kalash tradition and decided to incorporate them into her fashion show at the Milan Fashion Week 2019. The result represented a virtual Laboratory of Nations, that combined the Pakistani and Italian artisanal skills in the fashion industry and created a connection among women with one common goal: to help preserve traditional methods and cultural heritage.

Featuring a series of workshops, fashion shows and showrooms by top-level Italian brands, designers and further relevant stakeholders in the field, the Sustainable Innovation Fashion Week provided an innovative platform to discuss forward-looking best practices, showcase green technologies and promote inclusive and sustainable development within the fashion industry in Italy and worldwide.

To learn more about UNIDO ITPO Italy’s mission to Pakistan, please see the dedicated webpage.