Webinar on Ethical Fashion and Sustainability

- 6th October 2020

Webinar on Ethical Fashion and Sustainability


Rome, 6 October 2020 – The webinar on ethical fashion “Il Sistema della moda alla sfida della sostenibilità”, organized by UNIDO ITPO Italy in collaboration with The Thinking Watermill Society, took place on 6 October, providing a platform for experts and stakeholders operating in the field to discuss how the fashion industry can achieve sustainable development according to the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The event was supported by My Governance and promoted by the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS) as part of its Sustainable Development Festival.

In this framework, the conference was opened by the welcome remarks of UNIDO ITPO Italy Head, Ms. Diana Battaggia, highlighting how “we must encourage a change of direction for a fairer and more sustainable fashion: circular economy models and new ethical values are key for a long-term, more responsible development in the fashion industry according to the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals”. 

The virtual discussion moderated by Mr. Mario di Giulio from The Thinking Watermill Society saw the interventions by Ms. Francesca Liberatore, Italian stylist; Ms. Farah Liz Pallaro, self-care fashion mentor; Ms. Susanna Nicoletti, Brand Strategist & Advisor; Ms. Alessandra Siena, UNIC – Concerie Italiane Leather Specialist; Ms. Adriana Marina, founder of Animanà and Hecho por Nosotros; Ms. Julieta Manassas, stylist; and Ms. Jandira Moreno from Alessandra Giannetti. All panelists emphasized the importance of advancing a disruptive concept of inclusive and ethical fashion in terms of environmental impact and social responsibility towards local communities, fostering new eco-friendly production models, organic materials, recycling techniques, technological innovation and transparent value chains.

Featuring a concluding Q&A session, “Il Sistema della moda alla sfida della sostenibilità” succeeded in sharing best practices and lessons learned – also in light of the COVID-19 pandemic – with the goal of accelerating sustainable development within the fashion sector in line with the 2030 Agenda and its 17 SDGs.

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