Innovation for urban food security at the Sweden Foodtech Big Meet 2020

- 30th September 2020

Innovation for urban food security at the Sweden Foodtech Big Meet 2020

Rome, 30 September 2020 – Today UNIDO ITPO Italy intervened as speaker during the session “Producing in the City” at the Sweden Foodtech Big Meet 2020 to illustrate its recent projects and activities aimed at fostering sustainable food security in cities of developing countries.

Taking place between 30 September and 1 October, the digital edition of the Sweden Foodtech Big Meet 2020 represented an opportunity to promote a discussion on foodtech and digital innovation within the global food system among the Sweden and international startup ecosystem, composed by both public and private sector.

After illustrating its role and expertise in the field, UNIDO ITPO Italy presented its International Award on Agribusiness as a flagship initiative in agritech and foodtech, as well as UNIDO’s Global Call "Innovative Ideas and Technologies vs COVID-19 and Beyond" – also introducing the winner of its Food & Agriculture category, the Nigerian startup ColdHubs.

Addressing the socio-economic effects of the pandemic outbreak on developing countries, the intervention by UNIDO ITPO Italy also highlighted the crucial need to enhance local food supply chains, advance urban agriculture schemes and improve effective food transportation linkages, in order to attain inclusive and sustainable development according to the Sustainable Development Goal 11 (“Sustainable Cities and Communities”) and the UN 2030 Agenda.