Inauguration Conference of the Paideia Campus in Pollica by Future Food Institute

Online - 16th June 2021

Inauguration Conference of the Paideia Campus in Pollica by Future Food Institute

On 16 June 2021 UNIDO ITPO Italy joined as speaker the press conference held at the Representative Office of the European Commission in Rome for the inauguration of the Paideia Campus by Future Food Institute in Pollica.

This new international hub - stemming from the collaboration among Comune di Pollica, Centro Studi Dieta Mediterranea “Angelo Vassallo” and Future Food Institute - will be dedicated to education, research, experimentation and innovation on the theme of Integral Ecology, with the Mediterranean Diet being one of its most successful displays.

In her intervention UNIDO ITPO Italy Head Diana Battaggia focused on the importance of the nexus between youth and innovation within the agrifood sector in order to foster an inclusive and sustainable development, reconfirming the support by the Office to the mission and the activities of Future Food Institute in the field.

Moderated by Arianna Voto from GR1 RAI, the conference also featured the intervention of Sara Roversi, President of the Future Food Institute; Lucia Borgonzoni, Under-Secretary at the Italian Ministry of Culture; Barbara Floridia, Under-Secretary at the Italian Ministry of Education; Maurizio Martina, Deputy General Director of FAO; Alessandra Smerilli, Under-Secretary of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development; Pieri Luigi Petrillo, ICH Deputy President at UNESCO; Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, President of Fondazione Univerde; Giuseppe Saviano, Director of Impact at Fondazione Laudato Si’ Challenge; Stefano Pisani, Mayor of Pollica; and Antonio Parenti, Head of the Representative Office of the European Commission in Rome.