The Role of Smart Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture in Peru

Online - 26th August 2021

The Role of Smart Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture in Peru

The webinar “The Role of Smart Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture in Peru”, organized by UNIDO ITPO Italy in cooperation with the National Agricultural University of La Molina (UNALM) in Lima, was successfully held on Thursday 26 August 2021.


The online conference introduced innovative solutions and technologies to reduce the environmental impact, resource consumption and costs of farming — with a focus on water management, irrigation and quality crop — with the goal of increasing resilience and business competitiveness of Preuvian small and medium-sized enterprises in the field thanks to smart agriculture.


The discussion  which started with the opening remarks of Ms. Diana Battaggia, Head of UNIDO ITPO Italy; Mr. Felice Cappelluti, Deputy Head of Division III, CRESS, Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition; and Ms. Elizabeth Heros, Director of the Fitotechnics Department at UNALM  was moderated by UNIDO ITPO Italy Chief Technical Advisor Mr. Dino Fortunato and Mr. Andrea Pavia, Commercial Manager at the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Peru (event promoter together with AGAP Peru) and notably featured the interventions of several experts from the Italian public and private sector.


During the panel Prof. Mauro Centritto, Director of CNR IPSP Italia (Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection) discussed global trends with regards to the impact of climate change and the status of resource consumption, including water treatment for crops irrigation, and smart technologies for plants and soil mapping; Mariarita Costa, Export Manager of Sigma Consulting, illustrated examples of innovative technologies (e.g. drones, softwares, remote controllers, etc.) as well as best practices for data collection, elaboration and monitoring to upgrade agriculture productivity; Guido Milazzo, CEO of Blue Biloba, spinoff of the University of Florence, explored tools and techniques of “remote sensing” applicable to both precision agriculture and precision forestry; and finally Alessandro Bucciarelli, Co-Founder and COO of Farm Technologies, presented success cases of their AI products and services for smart agriculture.


The initiative was organized in the framework of the project “Fostering international partnerships between companies and/or institutions operating in the energy and environment sectors” (FIPEE), funded by the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition and implemented by UNIDO ITPO Italy.

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