UNIDO ITPO Italy meets with Ministry of Environment of Botswana

Online - 3rd September 2021

UNIDO ITPO Italy meets with Ministry of Environment of Botswana

In the framework of the project “Fostering international partnerships between companies and/or institutions operating in the energy and environment sectors” (FIPEE), on 3 September UNIDO ITPO Italy met with the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism of Botswana.

During the meeting UNIDO ITPO Italy Investment Promotion Expert Mr. Enrico Siepi introduced the FIPEE project, in order to discuss synergies with regards to the promotion of technologies for energy and environment between Italy and Botswana, presenting the activities already implemented in the country and to be implemented next – also through the support of the new UNIDO ITPO Italy Expert on Energy and Environment for Botswana, Ms. Onneetse Ndadi.

The Botswanan Ministry — for this occasion represented by Ms. Baitshepi Edith Babusi-Hill, Director of the Department of Forestry & Range Resources; Ms. Chandapiwa P. Sebeela, Assistant Project Manager; Mr. Balisi Gopolang, Chief of Meteorological Services Department; and Ms. Dorcas Ntiki Masisi, Team Leader and Project Manager — showed great interest in the project and its expected outcomes, highlighting the potential for innovation in Botswana in the field of energy and environment with a focus on solar power.

This meeting paved the way for future potential collaborations, especially in light of UNIDO ITPO Italy's participation at the Ecomondo and Key Energy 2021 edition with a delegation of business and institutional representatives from the partner countries of the FIPEE project.