UNIDO organizes Vietnamese delegation study tour in Veneto Region

Veneto, Italy - November, 3rd-7th 2011

UNIDO organizes Vietnamese delegation study tour in Veneto Region

UNIDO organizes Vietnamese delegation study tour in Veneto Region

UNIDO, in collaboration with Veneto Innovazione and Veneto Region, organized the study tour in Veneto for Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister for Planning and Investments. This initiative is part of “Consolidated Project for SME Development in Vietnam “ that is a project based on the cooperation between Vietnam and Italy at the aim to develop and enhance SME clusters through a technical assistance program as well as trade partnership promotion between Italy and Vietnam.

Within the delegation, the leading role is played by Dr. Nguyen Trong Hieu, as EDA (Enterprise Development Agency) Deputy Director, who assured that Government intends to accept all the ideas for a long term industrial and economic cooperation, moreover Mr Nguyen Trong Hieu emphasized that Veneto Region, thanks to the presence of the most dynamic industrial clusters, can represent a model to be tested in Vietnam.

The Head of UNIDO ITPO Italy, Diana Battaggia, said: “I’m convinced that SME development will help Vietnamese industry to improve its competitiveness and to deepen its integration in the world economy, contributing to the Country sustainable growth. She continued: “In the current phase of this important project, we seek to promote cooperation and long term agreements between Vietnamese and Italian associations for what concerns clusters and enterprise level. Within this context, UNIDO ITPO Italy is undertaking various initiatives to promote the opportunities identified in Vietnam at the aim to realize them in the Italian business community.

At the round-table conclusion, under the UNIDO support, Vietnamese delegation had the opportunity to meet representatives of the Veneto Region most important industrial clusters, among which, footwear, clothing, lighting as well as furniture industrial cluster representatives.

   Tecnique notes

In a period of stagnation and global crisis, Vietnam experienced in 2009 an annual growth rate of 7,9% of GDP, while in the first nine months of 2010 it has exceeded 13%, one of the highest annual growth rate of South East Asian area. In 2009, Italian companies increased their export to Vietnam by 7,5% reaching a total of 482 millions euros. It was a positive result considering that there was a decreasing of Vietnamese imports and the euro strengthening has certainly not privileged the made in Italy. This Asian Country has 26% of the population below 15 years old, while 56% is less than 36 years old with a very high literacy rate, which is a key resource for the Country. 
It should be noticed that, within the framework of Veneto-Vietnam interchange, during 2010 imports amounted to 215 millions of euro and they were divided as follows: 109 millions for footwear finished product, 16 millions for clothing and 17millions for agricultural and fishing.
Veneto Region companies have exported to Vietnam for an amount of 81 millions of euro, among which 34 millions of euro in machinery, 14 millions for tanning and leather processing and the remaining for electric equipments.