Ghana Trade and Investment Forum

Rome - October 31st, 2014

Ghana Trade and Investment Forum

“The potential for economic relations between Italy and Ghana is of great interest. Our country is present there, and our companies have success stories to tell. But there are margins for improvement as far as our presence concerned”. These were the words of the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry, Michele Valensise, as he opened the Forum for Trade and Investment with Ghana at the Farnesina this morning, 31 October 2014. A day organised by the MFAIC and the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO), which brought Ghanaian ministers and government officials, and numerous Italian business people, to Rome.

Respect for human rights

“Ghana has great political stability and an excellent human rights situation”, explained Valensise. These points were underscored by the representatives of the Accra government, who reiterated that their country welcomes inward investment and is enjoying high GDP growth, which reached 7.1% in 2013. Ghana aims to be a doorway to western sub-Saharan Africa. Numerous economic sectors in the country are hungry for foreign investment, with energy first and foremost: Ghana is rich in oil and gas and needs refineries and pipelines.

Economic growth and infrastructure development

The country aims to expand its road and rail networks, build new airports and extend existing ones. The water treatment and distribution sectors also hold out excellent opportunities. The government also intends to build hostels and campuses for students throughout the country and is looking for foreign investment in the agriculture and health sectors, especially in the radiology and oncology segments.


The afternoon session of the Forum has been dedicated to Business to Business meetings between the Ghanaian and Italian companies. This type of meeting represents the main vehicle through which the  bases for future business collaborations are laid down. At the end of the event, B2B’s balance was of 350 bilateral meetings, which demonstrates the success of the event and the companies’ interest.