Fisheries in West Africa: a study tour in Italy for potential partnerships and acquiring best practices in the fishery sector

Genova - 17-19 May 2017

Fisheries in West Africa: a study tour in Italy for potential partnerships and acquiring best practices in the fishery sector

Bellaria-Ancona-Genoa, 17–19 May 2017 - UNIDO ITPO Italy hosted the visit of a delegation from West Africa, composed of institutional representatives and local entrepreneurs of Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mauritania and Senegal. This initiative is part of the technical cooperation project for the fishery sector that UNIDO ITPO Italy, UNIDO Hq and Legacoop have already started with the aim of facilitating the access to the global market for local entrepreneurs.

The African delegation, interested in exploring opportunities in the fishery sector in Italy and other EU countries, as well as gathering information from local stakeholders, was able to meet experts from the industry, visit fisheries cooperatives and consortia in the national territory, and lastly, visit Slow Fish, event dedicated to fish and marine resources, combining the pleasure of eating with good fishing practices, scientific knowledge, taste education and the protection of biodiversity.

In particular, the delegation visited the Fish Market of Bellaria and the workplaces of the marine’s town with the main purpose of gaining knowledge on working methods and good hygienic sanitation practices of fish trade for small-scale artisanal fisheries. The delegation was welcomed by the Director of OP Bellaria Pesca, Massimo Bellavista, and by the Legacoop Romagna Work Productive Cooperative Manager, Gabriele Zelli. The Councilor for the Environment of the Bellaria-Igea Marina City, Giovanni Giovanardi was also present.

Following, the delegation went to Ancona to meet the Organization Produttori Pesce Azzurro, where they discussed about trade in fish products, starting from the European provisions governing the sector, as well as the techniques of processing, smoking and storing the products , up to trainings of locals of the fisheries chain (fishermen, cooperatives, sellers, etc ...). Right after, the meeting and the round table with the Marche Region, represented by the Director Uriano Meconi, and Federpesca Marche, where they continued to deepen opportunities in the field.

Lastly, the delegation had the opportunity to visit Slow Fish 2017 in Genoa, an international event focused on the protection of water resources, marine ecosystems and fishermen's communities around the world. On that occasion, the delegation met the Liguria Region Head of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Mirvana Feletti and the Legacoop Liguria officials. The Round Table has been useful for considering specific issues related to the projects presented by African counterparts, as well as discussing possible forms of funding.

The delegation was also able to take part in meetings, conferences, moments of in-depth study on fish consumption, its health effects, the impact of fisheries on marine ecosystems and more.

The mission provided the delegation the opportunity to interact with the Italian business community in order to gather useful information on the investment projects currently being promoted. UNIDO ITPO Italy will monitor the follow-up of the various meetings held, in order to organize field missions within the coming months.