Investment Opportunities in Botswana on Solar sector

Rome, Italy - 7 June 2017

Investment Opportunities in Botswana on Solar sector

Rome, 7 June 2017 - In the framework of the project entitled «Technical Assistance in supporting Botswana Private Sector and relevant institutions;in renewable energy (RE) through investment promotion and technology transfer» implemented in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS), UNIDO ITPO ITALY hosts Ms. Karen Giffard from the Solar Industry Association of Botswana (SIAB) that is participating in the delegate program of UNIDO from 29 May to 17 June 2017 in Italy.

The aim of the delegate program of UNIDO is to provide to representatives of developing countries a platform of interaction with the Italian industrial sector in order to present the needs of technology transfer and the opportunities of investment in developing countries.

The Botswana representative of SIAB has met with Public and Private associations in the Solar and Renewable Energy sector in Italy since her arrival.  As well with manufacturers of innovative technology in all the segments of the industrial chain of production such as manufacturers of storage systems of sodium-nickel to producers of technologies of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with molten salt, Off-grid Systems and Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal Technologies producers and companies dedicated to testing of solar panels and engineering firms for the renewable energy sector.

We would like to highlight the recent Expression of Interest (EOI) that Botswana Power Corporation has announced:

a)       100MW power plant located in Botswana that closing date is 14 of June 2017;

b)       EOI Establishment of a Joint Venture with BPC for Hybrid Network and Power Production in up to 20 rural areas in Botswana, closing date 23rd June 2017

Mrs. Giffard brought a portfolio of projects from the private/public sector of Botswana in which is required industrial partnerships, technologies, investment and capacity building such as:

-          Off grid systems solutions (including 300W-50KW options);

-          Solar Thermal commercial and residential water heating;

-          Innovative Storage solutions;

-          Concentrated PV and CSP technologies;

-          Pumping including Direct Current pump options and variable speed drive;

-          Solar hybrid options;

-          Innovations of Research and Development.

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