Myanmar: incoming mission on gems sector

Vicenza-Venice-Rimini, Italy - 3-6 July 2017

Myanmar: incoming mission on gems sector

Vicenza-Venice-Rimini, 3-6 July 2017 – Within the framework of the collaboration established with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, UNIDO ITPO Italy organized a study tour on the gems sector, aimed at discussing potential joint synergies between Myanmarese companies and Italian ones. Four companies involved in gems mining and processing took part in the study tour, all belonging to the MGJEA (Myanmar Gems and Jewelry Entrepreneurs Association).

They had the opportunity to meet Roberto Coin, owner of one of the leading Italian companies in Jewelry sector: Roberto Coin Spa. Roberto Coin is very well known for CSR principles, in terms of traceability of mining. The discussion was focused on cutting methods and training courses, in order to give the possibility to Myanmarese cutters to be aware about Italian style. The delegation had also the possibility to visit the premises of “La quinta stagione”, a processing company part of the Roberto Coin Group.

Particularly interesting was also the meeting with Fiera Vicenza, that offered the possibility to take part in the forthcoming edition of Vicenza Oro (in September), with the aim to organize a Myanmar pavilion in the January 2018 edition.

Finally, the delegation met Assogemme, the National Association of Gems sector, which is part of Confindustria system. The Association is interested in rough gems, and can contribute to the development of Myanmar in terms of technology.

All the counterparts met agreed to keep in touch in the forthcoming months, in order to organize a follow-up mission in Myanmar.