Mission to La Havana

Havana, Cuba - 17-19 October 2017

Mission to La Havana

Havana, 17-19 October 2017UNIDO ITPO Italy supported a delegation from Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (FVG) during their institutional and entrepreneurial visit to La Habana. The mission was organized within the framework of the "SMEs 4 Business Development China & Cuba" project, aimed at promoting the opening of the two strategic markets to Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region's companies. In accordance with the Joint Declaration signed in May 2015 by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and UNIDO ITPO Italy, our Office provides  assistance and promotes high-level policy dialogue to boost cooperation between FVG and Cuba in the following sectors: maritime-cruise; biomedical and research; wood-furnishing and restoration.

In order to achieve such ambitious goals, UNIDO ITPO Italy encourages the creation of partnerships between SMEs, regional clusters and Cuban companies that can promote the transfer of innovative technologies and know-how, with positive spillover effects on both overall economic systems.

Having that in mind, UNIDO ITPO Italy concretely supported the Italian delegation, through the organization of the FVG-Cuba Business Forum and several bilateral meetings.  In particular, the Delegation firstly met the Italian Ambassador at La Habana to illustrate the scope of the mission and to have advice about the current investment and business situation in Cuba.  Moreover, during FVG Region-Cuban Business Forum, organized in cooperation with the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and MINCEX (Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y la Inversión Extranjera), the Italian representatives outlined the potential of FVG Region as a reliable partner to establish mutually beneficial cooperation in the aforementioned sectors. Furthermore, our Office arranged high-level meetings between FVG Delegation led by the Regional Minister for Culture, Sport and Solidarity, Mr. Gianni Torrenti,  and Cuban counterparts such as the Cuban Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Sport, INDE (Cuban Institute for sport, physical education and recreation, the international director of the National Assembly of the People's Power , the Oficina del Historiador and MINCEX.

As a result, both sides had the opportunity to reap the benefits from a first-hand approach aimed at enhancing mutual understanding of respective needs and expectations. In this respect, this mission represented an important achievement for strengthening bilateral relations and a very promising step forward for further fruitful cooperation.