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AgriProtein is an innovative technology that uses insects to produce proteins through a bio-conversion process of organic waste.

Insects are an alternative source of proteins that can help to satisfy daily human nutritional needs without overshooting Earth resource cap. AgriProtein uses circular processes to convert organic waste, increase food production efficiency and optimize resources.

Innovation: AgriProtein is a cutting-edge insect technology able to upcycle organic waste resources that would otherwise go to landfill. Food and organic waste are processed and then used to feed black-soldier-fly larvae which, in turn, are harvested to produce three final products: an insect-based nutrient-rich complete protein for animal feed (MagMeal™), a purified fat (MagOil™) and a rich residual soil fertilizer (MagSoil™).

Impact: Food production is failing to keep pace with the speed of population growth. Taking Africa as an example, whilst being home to 25% of the world’s agricultural land, it is only accountable for 10% of the world’s food. AgriProtein products offer significant scope to facilitate this much-needed support to smallholder farmers’ production in Africa and other developing countries. It can do so by providing a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the traditional options that are currently available. MagSoil, for example, offers an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers, contributing to the soil restoration in line with the circular economy principles.

Mr. Jason Drew, AgriProtein CEO awarded by Ms. Xiaolei Zhao, Head of UNIDO ITPO Shanghai