Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) of the Republic of Cuba

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) of the Republic of Cuba is responsible of the State and Government policy in terms of trade, investments and international cooperation. Cuba is part of the multilateral trading system since 1947, as member of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and from 1995 as member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The country has trade relations with more than 170 countries and has collaborated, according to the principles of international economic cooperation, with 157 countries all over the world. The strategic goal of MINCEX is to support export through the promotion of foreign investments.

The Cuba Chamber of Commerce

Cámara de Comercio de la República de Cuba (The Republic of Cuba Chamber of Commerce) is the association of Cuban businesses, acknowledged by State entities, which supports the associates on the industrial and commercial stage of the business establishment. The Chamber represents an important tool for the development of the Cuban economy and for the consolidation of its international economic relations.

Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board

Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board is a Government agency that supports foreign investments in China, with the dual function of supporting businesses in both their internal and external development. Currently the agency is the reference partner for important European industrial groups.


UNIDO ITPO China (Shanghai) was established in 2001. ITPO Shanghai is a joint project between UNIDO and the Municipality of Shanghai, which aims at promoting inward and outward investment, technology transfer and industrial cooperation between Shanghai and developing/emerging countries.

ITPO China (Shanghai) launched specific industrial development programmes to support the sustainable economic development and to foster opportunities for industrial cooperation, as well as facilitate business contacts between project sponsors and potential foreign investors.

The main goals are to foster inward and outward investment flows with a focus on electronics, machinery and equipment, automotive, software and ITCs, pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals, infrastructure and utilities planning, industrial parks planning and construction.


 Economic presentation Friuli Venezia Giulia Region »


MARE Technology Cluster FVG is a no profit public-private consortium of maritime stakeholders established in Friuli Venezia Giulia region and acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) in 2012. Its role, developed through different activities, is to enhance at national and international levels the regional excellences in the maritime technology sector (i.e. technologies related to shipbuilding and marine, offshore - including its specialized chains -, transport, logistics and services for navigation and yachting).

ARIES Special Agency of the Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce

Aries is a Special Agency of the Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce (Trieste and Gorizia), established in 1992.  Its activity is focused on three main branches. The Agency helps company growth and supports the creation of new enterprises, also providing and managing regional, national and EU funds. Furthermore Aries provides assistance and specialised consultancy to encourage business internationalisation and to approach foreign markets, developing a vast series of projects (many of them are EU funded) in the markets of interest in the most strategic sectors for the territory economy. Finally, Aries manages and organises trade fairs in the food sector (such as Olio Capitale and TriestEspresso Expo) which are leading events in their respective sectors.

Cluster Arredo Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region

Cluster Arredo FVG  is the Innovation Hub of the Home-System Cluster, as specified by the Regional Law 3/2015, and elaborates initiatives for the development and management of the cluster, in order to stimulate innovative activities through promotion, infrastructure sharing, exchange and transfer of knowledge and competences. In this way, it contributes effectively to networks' creation, information diffusion and collaboration among companies and other actors belonging to the cluster.In addition, Cluster Arredo pursues the primary objective of promoting the competitive evolution of productive systems and of providing services supporting companies' innovative processes, clusters, districts, firms' networks and any other form of aggregation, particularly in the wood-furniture and home system sectors.

AREA Science Park

AREA Science Park is a multi-sector science and technology park, one of the top six National Public Research Bodies under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. Since 1978, when AREA was founded, the Consortium manages the Park and since 2005 it has been recognized as one of the top Public Research Bodies in Italy and one of the most active promoters of technology transfer to SMEs. AREA’s main activities are: developing competences in technology transfer, promoting investments in research, innovation in industrial products and processes, taking part in international projects, developing new technologies, designing and developing tools and offering qualified consultancy services. The Consortium staff of 130 people has gained significant experience in national and international project management in numerous fields of innovation and in the development of innovative enterprises. AREA Science Park’s vision is “to be an international reference point for Technology Transfer, for the strategic and operational management of Research & Innovation”.

Consequently, the mission is to grow customer competitiveness through:

  •  Value exploitation within enterprises and research entities;
  • Training for enterprise development and research and innovation management;
  • Promotion of scientific and business excellence networks. The Park hosts the following initiatives: 

- national and international research centres, among which the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) and the Elettra Synchrotron Light Laboratory stand out. These institutions open up new frontiers of knowledge and are able to stimulate important scientific research and technological development processes;

-research and development laboratories and service centres of leading companies in science and technology;small and medium enterprises active in the fields of research and advanced services, carrying out innovative research, development and experimentation projects and new enterprises with high knowledge intensity, which are often research spin-offs.

There are a total of 86 centres, companies and eminent research institutes in AREA’s two sites in Trieste (Italy), employing over 2400 personnel engaged in research and development, training and qualified services. The aim of AREA Science Park is to create a solid connection between the research and the business world. AREA’s main activities are:

  • Technology Transfer and start-up incubator
  • Education in R&D management and entrepreneurship
  • International networking
  • Coordination of the 53 Research Bodies active in the Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) Region
  • Management of the Science and Technology Park. Since 1997, AREA Science Park has focused on technology transfer, making it its core business.

A staff of about 40 people works in the Technology Transfer Department at the Trieste Science and Technology Park, creating a link between local businesses and a particularly advanced regional research system. AREA Science Park’s technology transfer service is based on supporting companies’ growth by carrying out a new and personalized transfer of expertise and skills. This system can provide innovative solutions, which integrate services aimed at increasing business competitiveness by promoting the creation of spin-offs, enhancement of research and advanced training. Visiting companies, evaluating their needs, arranging contacts with experts, providing projects follow-up, making sure that objectives have been achieved: these practices optimize time and resources, and provide businesses with steady assistance during all stages of innovation. AREA has developed skills in coordinating and supporting projects which seek to enhance the quality of life of old and disabled people. In particular, the Technology Transfer Department team encourages those who are interested in identifying the best technologies, products and services for specific target users in order to improve usability, accessibility and conformity to standards, also providing technical support. AREA Science Park participates in national and international projects together with European partners – especially with neighboring Countries of central and eastern Europe which are going through an economic transition. By promoting the Friuli Venezia Giulia region resources in the research field, with the aim to enhance the technology transfer and economic development worldwide.

Confindustria Udine

Since 1945, alongside companies, Confindustria Udine has become a benchmark for the industry and work, becoming a proposal for dialogue also between public authorities and social partners.

Today this role buys more importance since competitiveness depends on innovation and growth.

Another central aspect is the relationship with the main stakeholders on important topics for our economy in terms of infrastructure, services, environment, urban destinations, finance, internationalization.

These conditions determine the future of business and the role of the business community that through the Association, may influence to encourage the development conditions.

The Association represents a heritage of shared values and experiences that are made available to the territory and all entrepreneurs to promote growth of the industrial sector. It should indeed be able to come away with ideas and projects in an economic reality in rapid movement, to meet the challenges of the global market.

Confindustria Udine counts roughly one thousand companies enrolled, divided in several sectors, from the mechanics to the chemical, from the agro-food to the chemical, from the wood-furniture to the infrastructures.

The Udine Chamber of Commerce 

The Udine Chamber of Commerce dates back to 1806. To answer to the companies request to be supported also in the global market the Udine Chamber of Commerce has established in 2008 the Special Agency of Enterprises and Territoriy with the main goal to support the evolution of local enterprise through the supply of various kinds of services and consultancy, accompanying businesses in the exploration of new markets and in the adoption of new and modern international marketing policies.


The Innova FVG is a no-profit Consortium that is located in Amaro (Udine) - Italy. It s’a  regional research organization specifically focused on the development of mountain areas.

The main goal of INNOVA FVG Consortium is to develop the scientific and economic knowledge for the SMEs at regional and national level.

The Technological Innovation Centre of Innova FVG is a business incubator for start-ups with the aim to encourage scientific research, know-how development and synergies between the public and the private sector.

The Consortium promotes and organizes access to public funds opportunities to support scientific research and technological innovation as tool of regional economic development.