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Agabuna Aqua Control

Agabuna Aqua Control monitors and controls the main parameters in aquaculture i.e. ph, salinity and conductivity.

Boat Building

Audace Sailing Team

Audace Sailing Team designs and builds innovative eco-sailing boats, optimizing every aspect of the process from design and material selection, untill production and sailing, for the best performances and the most sustainable product.


Biomolecular approaches for sustainable fishery

We are developing biomolecular kits to test the impact of microplastics present in the fish chain on the human health.


Bivortix - Highly manoeuvrable propeller

Innovative vertical axis water propulsion system, protected by international patents in major industrialized countries. Delivers high manoeuvrability due to the possibility of directing thrust instantly and uniformly on 360°.


FAIRSEA Integrated platform for an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries

It is a shared conceptual and operational framework for an Ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF). It is achieved through the implementation of a spatially explicit and territorially integrated tool that considers water mass circulation, physical-chemical


LESCOAST a tool for coastal flow simulation

LESCOAST is a numerical tool for high detailed coastal flow simulation.

Circular Economy

New Recomplax panels,

We work to realize our idea; achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions with a process of recycling of fiber-reinforced composites and rigid foams with thermosetting matrix, otherwise destined to the landfill.

Boat Building

Recyclable composite for the marine industry

nlcomp is an innovative startup that deals with research and development of natural fibres, recycled materials and innovative resins for the construction of sailing boats. The young start-up was born as a spin-off of Northern Light Sailing Team - a group


Sea Side

By creating a network of different organisations and institutions, 'Sea Side' aims at giving back to the citizenship a cleaner sea while, at the same time, supporting local fishermen from an economic and social point of view.


Sustainability of seaweed farming

The increasing request of biomass from marine resources, requires important technological investments to avoid the exploitation of the wild resources.


Virtual Reality in Ship Building

SimCoVR is providing a Virtual Reality based service to help and support the Cruise Ship Industry and Superyacht building.