- 2nd May 2021

Tipicità "Nautica e Gastronomia: The Blue Way!"

On 2 May 2021 UNIDO ITPO Italy Head Diana Battaggia participated in panel session Nautica e Gastronomia: The Blue Way! during the phygital edition of Tipicità.

The event was dedicated to navigation and gastronomy at sea, exploring open-air activities in the unlimited spaces of its nature and the potential of its resources for blue growth. In this framework, Ms. Battaggia highlighted the projects launched by UNIDO and ITPO Italy to foster blue growth for innovation in both traditional and advanced sectors of the blue economy, implementing digital technologies and green, smart solutions for inclusive and sustainable industrial development worldwide.

Moderated by Franco Scolari, Director of Technological Pole Alto Adriatico, and journalist Alberto Monachesi, the panel saw the interventions of Leonardo Zuccaro, Director of Marina DoricaAndrej Sik, Director of the Slovenian Economic Regional Union; restauranteurs from the Karst region and Trieste Paola Živic and Niko TenzeGiulio Princic, curator at the Shipbuilding Museum of Monfalcone; Federico Stopan of the startup Trieste YES - Yatch Exhibition Show; and Chiara Mistelli from Euromediterranean Institute.