Disruptive Innovation mention of honor


Digital agritech

Farmcrowdy is the largest Nigerian digital agricultural platform focused on the connection between sponsors and farmers.

Linking sponsors and farmers provides a substantial contribution to increasing prosperity levels of farmers in developing countries’. Decreasing intermediation empowers local entrepreneurs and the transparency of the system allows the humana communitas to grow from the emotional, physical, mental and cultural point of view. This provides a tangible impact on the quality and quantity of food supply.

Innovation: Farmcrowdy is Nigeria’s 1st digital agricultural platform focused on connecting farm sponsors with real farmers in order to increase food production while promoting youth participation in Agriculture. It uses sponsors’ funds to secure the land, works to engage farmers, plants seeds, ensures that the farmers and farm products complete the full farming cycle, and puts their harvest on the market. It is an on-going farm process since the farm sponsors are able to keep track of the full-cycle by getting updates through texts, pictures and videos during the whole process.

Impact: This project brings an impact on the lives of rural farmers, who in their first year of operation have been able to improve their income by at least 80%. Farmers get 40% profit from their produce after the harvest. Farmcrowdy aims to increase food production, reduce hunger and guarantee food sustainability. The platform also provides to the farmers a ready market to sell their products, avoid and reduce prevalent food waste. Farmcrowdy has already managed to empower over 11.000 rural farmers directly and indirectly across 13 Nigerian states.

Mr. Onyeka Akumah, Farmcrowdy CEO and Co-Founder awarded by Ms. Elisabetta Lattanzio Illy, UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador