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Internship Programme 

UNIDO provides young graduates with the opportunity to work in the Organization within the framework of its Internship Programme.


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Who can apply?

You can apply for an internship if:

You have completed your full-time university studies (Вachelor's degree or equivalent) at a university or equivalent institution prior to commencing the assignment


You are enrolled in a graduate programme (Master's degree or equivalent, or higher) at the time of application


You have recently graduated with a university degree (Вachelor's or Master’s or their equivalent), within the last 12 months


What are the requirements?

Age : You must be at least 20 years on the first day of the internship.

Languages : You should have an excellent command, both written and spoken, of English. Fluency or working knowledge of another official UN language is an asset.


What are the conditions of an internship at UNIDO?

Expenses: The intern does not receive any financial assistance. Costs and arrangements for travel, visa, accommodation, and living expenses are the responsibility of the intern, or their nominating/sponsoring institution (if applicable).

Visa: Support only in the form of a letter shall be provided by the Internship Coordination team to facilitate the process of obtaining a visa, if required for the intern at the respective location.

Travel: You must arrange and finance your travel to the location where you will undertake your internship. The intern is not permitted to travel on official business during the internship.

Internship programme duration: The normal duration of an internship is 3 to 6 months and can be extended to a maximum period of 12 months.

Employment: This programme is not connected with employment at UNIDO and there is no expectation of such. An intern wishing to apply for regular employment with UNIDO cannot do so during their internship nor within a two-month period immediately following the end of their internship. The same restriction applies for engagement as a consultant.


For more information, please visit the UNIDO Internship Programme webpage.


UNIDO cannot take part in the initiative "Torno Subito" organized by Regione Lazio. Please do not send internship applications in this regard.