Objective of the Tender

The tender has the objective to scout, classify, select and promote the best innovative ideas and technologies relative to the themes of EXPO Milan 2015 – developed by start-ups, businesses, and research centers – that could be successfully applied in Developing Countries (DCs).

Specifically, priority will be given to the following themes:

  • Technologies for the improvement of the harvest, processing, conservation and packaging of food products;
  • Technologies and innovative ideas for the valorization of agricultural products of small agricultural communities;
  • Innovative solutions for the logistics management and access to international markets of agricultural products of DCs;
  • Technologies and innovative solutions for the improvement of life conditions of workers in the agricultural and similar sectors in DCs;
  • Technologies and instruments for the development and qualification of a local market for food and agricultural goods and products;
  • Innovative solutions linked to the environmental technologies for the waste treatment and technologies for the production of energy from alternative sources for agricultural use and potable water production for human and zoo technical use, as well as irrigation.

The tender seeks to create a virtuous circle of connections between the private, academic, financial, and institutional world of the countries participating in EXPO Milan 2015. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to the selected applicants to present their own technologies directly to the DCs’ institutions represented at the event, in addition to potentially interested financial entities.