Bayon Holdings

Pollution-free power generator

FIPEE Call winner from Botswana

About the company

Bayon Holdings positions itself as a cleantech innovation company from Botswana, with the goal to contribute to solve the global crisis due to pollution and climate change.

The company's ingenious products contribute to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions and to inspire local communities worldwide to upcycle their products for a circular economy model.

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Peter Sellwe

Managing director


The first key product of Bayon Holdings is the Pollution-Free Power Generator (PFPG1): a selflooping power bank which is manufactured in trailers, for ease of mobility and to suit individual household storages with 5,000 Amps power holding and 3 KW or 5 KW output consumer, ready AC for household appliances.

Considering the type of batteries (lead/lithium) there is an inbuilt mechanical mobile charging system (90 Ah) to sustain the lifespan of lead batteries, with the system that can be rebooted once every 30 days. Therefore, PFPG1 represents a non-pollutant power producer for all households despite terrain or geographical location barriers.

Amps power holding
3-5 KW
output consumer

Sustainable impact

To affirm zero-pollution charging, PFPG1 is boosted only from the company's base and through the use of an environmentally friendly technological method. Methane gas (biogas) is used to fuel the power generator to charge depleted batteries, and
the solar-powered system is then used as a backup solution.

This approach contributes to the company's goal of increasing sustainability, reducing pollution and alleviating global warming.