Drop Access


FIPEE Call winner from Kenya

About the company

Drop Access is a young, women-led social enterprise from Kenya that provides clean energy solutions to rural communities to promote climate resilience, economic advancement, equitable access to basic amenities and reduce carbon emissions.

The company is creating vibrant markets by linking rural farmers to energy technology providers, assessing their viability to benefit from existing technology for affordable cold chain by locally manufacturing solar-powered refrigerators for food and healthcare use.


Norah Magero

Norah Magero

Co-founder and CEO


Representing the solution to the access gaps in the vaccine cold chain, VacciBox is a locally manufactured, solar-powered portable refrigerator, designed to store and transport vaccines, blood and other medical items which need to be kept cold.

VacciBox has IoT-enabled data collection and monitoring capabilities, which can be accessed by mobile app or web platform and provide real-time information on medical items (such as temperature, location, stock, and fridge operations) from anywhere in the world for technical support and datadriven decision making.

2 MW
potential solar pumping systems across Kenya by 2024
potential jobs for youths and women in Africa by 2030
potential solar fridges annually

Sustainable impact

Drop Access is championing climate change mitigation by reducing CO2 emissions with its environmentally friendly products to help sustain day-to-day life in rural and off-grid communities.

The company also mobilizes funds to install solar micro-grids, supporting the water-energy-food nexus for small-scale farmers, and train rural women and youth on how to use technologies based on renewable energies.