Ryan Evangelista

Philippines - October-November 201

Delegate - Philippines Chamber of Commerce (PCCI)


Country profile

From October 29th until November 30th, within the context of the Delegate Programme, UNIDO ITPO Italy hosted Dr. Ryan Evangelista, delegate of the Philippines Chamber of Commerce (PCCI). PCCI is an organization aimed at the growth and development of Philippine economics by facilitating business relations. This facilitation materializes through the promotion of investment projects involving SMEs, as well as in the creation of national and international networks through trade missions, business matching and sharing of information. Within the framework of Philippine economy development, the delegate presented a 8 project portfolio concerning several investment opportunities. The projects involved two main sectors: renewable energies and agriculture. UNIDO ITPO Italy has managed to arrange bilateral meetings with various Italian enterprises, mainly active in the renewable energies and agribusiness sectors, as well as study tours and several other activities focused on information exchange, potential commercial partnering and capacity building.
During his stay, Dr. Evangelista participated in Ecomondo 2015 (Rimini) the most comprehensive platform in the Euro – Mediterranean area on advanced technological solutions in the field of green economy. In this context, he had the chance to meet Italian manufacturers of photovoltaic, wind, hydro, biomass and hybrid plants. They discussed forms of partnerships with the potential local counterparts in the Philippines from distribution deals to joint-ventures creation. The tour continued in Cesena where the Delegate participated in a study tour on fruits and vegetables processing.

Furthermore, UNIDO ITPO Italy scheduled a visit at CURTI Srl (Euricom Group Spa), an Italian company specialized in the production, processing, packaging and marketing of rice and rice derived products. Euricom group, based on its experience in the field of biomass energy production, proposed to exploit rice husk, a crop waste that can be used to produce energy. The visit was therefore valuable for both the rice processing and the renewable energy sectors.

Finally, Dr Evangelista participated in 3 round tables held respectively in Padova, thanks to Padova Promex, in Rome with the collaboration of Lazio Innova and Unindustria, and in Perugia, thanks to Umbria export. Moreover, the delegate had the opportunity to encounter Made in Vicenza, Vicenza Chamber of commerce, and to meet the most relevant stakeholders in Marche Region, namely the Regional office for the internationalization of companies and Confindustria Marche. He also participated in a study tour in Tuscany region, aimed at improving his knowledge on geothermal energy and other forms of renewable ones.
UNIDO ITPO Italy supported the exchange of technical and commercial proposals between the Italian stakeholders and the Philippine Delegate with the purpose to establish economic partnerships between the two countries in a win-win cooperation perspective.