Technical Seminar on sustainable technologies in agriculture

Tunisi, Tunisia - April 10-11, 2019

Technical Seminar on sustainable technologies in agriculture

Tunis, 16 April 2019 – Within the framework of the collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS), UNIDO ITPO Italy organized a technical seminar on sustainable technologies in agriculture, held in Tunis on 10-11th April.

The seminar was focused on several topics linked with sustainability in agriculture, such as innovative irrigation technologies and agricultural machinery. It gathered a broad number of attending Italian and Tunisian companies, those invited by the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture and the MEDREC (Mediterranean Center for Renewable Energies).            

During the event, the enterprises had the opportunity to take part in more than 50 BtoB meetings and to participate in a remarkable lecture of Andrea Sonnino, Senior Expert in sustainable agriculture.

The mission ended with an inspiring visit to the GDA Sidi Amor, an NGO association aimed at creating social and sustainable entrepreneurship, involving young farmers in the production and the enhancement of local agricultural products.

The seminar was crucial in consolidating the relationship between Italian and Tunisian companies as well as in supporting the partnerships promoted by UNIDO ITPO Italy and IMELS in MENA countries.